Eating insects to riding cross country: See who’s making offbeat resolutions for 2023

YS Life asked people—from celebrities to entrepreneurs, and others—to share their offbeat New Year resolutions to help you take a cue from their fun plans.

Eating insects to riding cross country: See who’s making offbeat resolutions for 2023

Friday December 30, 2022,

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As another year draws to a close, there’s just one thing left to get 2023 into overdrive soon—the good old New Year resolution. From lessons learnt to new goals, this is the one (or more) promise that people like to make, whether they manage to achieve it in the time frame or not. 

But this time, how about stepping away from the usual ‘eat more veggies’, ‘head to the gym’, and ‘sleep on time’ goals and creating a different resolve? YS Life asked a bunch of folks—from celebs to entrepreneurs and others—to share theirs. Take a cue from their fun plans… 

Ranveer Brar offbeat resolution

Ranveer Brar wishes to travel across South America and eat all possible insect and cricket-based dishes

Ranveer Brar: The well-known chef will fuse travel into his plans for the new year. He shares, “My fun resolution would be going to Greenland and eating the fermented foods there. I’ve gone up to Iceland, but Greenland is the real deal. Then, travelling across South America and eating all possible insect and cricket-based dishes. I want to be shooting (to be behind the camera more) and facing the camera less this time.” 


Anjana Arjun: The founder of Sarjaa and daughter of Kollywood action king Arjun Sarja has some fun resolutions that are also relaxing. She says, “A few resolutions for 2023 that I’m pretty headstrong about sticking with are to do a pup-audit (for pets) and write snail mail as handwritten letters have their own magic. These are cool in today’s day and age where time is luxury.”

Divya Dutta: The actor and author has a surprise. She says, “My resolution is actually an anti-resolution. There’s no fixed mantra, I am just going do what it takes to keep me happy; good or bad—I think we deserve that. Like, I hope to do some crazy roles this year. So, there will be no to-do, should-do list. I think your gut guides you so I am going to follow that as we always snub that ‘little' voice inside. In 2023, I plan to live out the happy emoji.”  

Adah Sharma offbeat resolution

Adah Sharma's got zany resolutions for 2023 like having bushy, overgrown eyebrows, and farting in a movie!

Adah Sharma: The actress has a bunch of zany ideas for herself in 2023. She says, “To look at the world upside down, continue to have bushy overgrown eyebrows, and do all things weird like farting in a movie! Also eating lots of rice and sambar, putting stranger videos on Instagram, and continue sleeping on a rope.”

Baljeet Gujral: The founder and CEO of Enfield Riders and Bucket List Experiences wants to drive through Route 66 in the USA. “This is the shortest, best and most scenic route from Chicago through St. Louis to Los Angeles. The total time to drive Route 66 is 52 hours. That's two full days and four hours solid on the road, taking pit stops only at gas stations and not stopping for anything on the way. The 52 hours do not include any stops, rest, sleep, eating, sightseeing or detours,” he says.

Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal: Veteran actress, director, and producer Mahabanoo wants to go cross country in America on a motorbike. She says, “I’m petrified of motorbikes, but I would like to do this. It was my dream once to sit on a Harley in the US and I’d love to do that.”

Nandini Shah Khera: The director of Vector3 Digital Technologies admits she always tries to do one new activity and see at least one new place every year. “In 2023, the plan is to take a bunch of selfies in Petra, Jordan, amid the rocks and float in the Dead Sea since it's already shrinking. People make plans to lose weight but I want to gain muscle mass since I anyway lose it from the places that I don't need to lose it from,” she laughs.

Pranav Rawal: As Business Head at an international company and an avid travel junkie, Pranav chalked up a few resolutions that fit his vibe. He says, “My resolution is to cover 50% of the globe in 2023. I have covered 24% of it already as I have been to 42 countries to date, and now I plan to do 15 more in the coming year. I’d love to walk barefoot on the Singing Sand Dunes in Qatar at night with nothing but the moonlight and complete peace around me. And maybe I’ll have a picnic there on my own.”

DJ Ganesh offbest resolution

DJ Ganesh wishes to play at the top party spots in the world

DJ Ganesh: Ganesh Umesh Dambe, popularly known as DJ Ganesh, is resolving to begin 2023 on a zany beat, which also includes some jet-setting around the globe. He says, “I want to go party-hopping and chill at the zaniest places and spin my tracks in Barcelona, Italy, Ibiza, and Miami. Play some Bolly music too, at these hot spots.”

Bhavna Jasra: Celebrity life casting artist and founder of First Impression, Bhavna’s resolution will happen a few months into 2023. She reveals, “I plan to go for a trek to Everest Base Camp. It may sound like a very tall order, but before the COVID-19 pandemic I was actually all set for it. I had bought my gear—trekking, shoes, jacket, and had the whole plan in place. Fly to Kathmandu and then go to the base camp. So, I have decided this year toh jaana hi hai. In April-May, if all is in place I will fly out. In my mind, the whole objective is, I want to climb greater heights and metaphorically, this fits in. I’m imagining myself having champagne out of a flute with a million stars above.” 

So, what are your resolutions for 2023?

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Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta