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Wednesday March 25, 2009,

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Most of us look pretty good and cool when life is easy and when everything else is going our way. Do you know that our true character comes out when we are under pressure?  

We are like tea bags, showing off our true colours when dipped in hot water.  

However, these very situations improve the quality of our attitude and strength of our character.

'T with Suneel' is a novel experience which will give you a taste of different 'T's. These 'T's will make you look objectively at situations, improve your mindset and help you cope with the challenges that ride with you all the time. It consists of practical tips, ideas and stories on Leadership, Management, Team Building and Self Development, laced with humour that will surely make learning a pleasure.

From Whom ?                   Where :

Entrepreneurs                          Date : Saturday, 11th April, 2009

Executives                                Time : 6:30 PM sharp followed by high tea.

Key Decision Makers               Venue : Hall of Harmony, Nehru Centre,

Top Management                     Dr. A B Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Students                                   Registration Fees : Rs.500/- per person.

About Bombay South Round Table - 26

BSRT - 26 is a part of Round Table India, who is organising this event to raise funds for charity for a school project.

About Suneel Agarwal :

Suneel Agarwal is a Business Strategy Consultant, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Brand Architect and a Serial Entrepreneur. He also conducts lectures, workshops and training sessions on Motivation, Leadership, Team Building and Branding. During his twenty five years of experience he has created successful service-oriented businesses and cultivated strong brand name clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Castrol, Dunlop, ITC, amongst others. Suneel has reputation for bringing rare insights into businesses with his creative strategies, motivating teams and transforming organizations.

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