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Vikram Kumar, Founder, Data Resolve Technologies

Tuesday September 01, 2009 , 3 min Read

In an increasingly globalised world, where access to information is at everyone’s fingertips, protection and security of data are of paramount importance. Working in this direction, Data Resolve Technologies is a firm that ensures the safety of data of customers worldwide.

Vikram Kumar, a graduate of the Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, founded Data Resolve in August 2008 after a period of incubation at and with funding from the institute. The first data loss prevention firm in India, its first online product was launched in May 2009. The product was an instant success, being graded among the best security products by PC Quest magazine and with a free version user base of more than 20,000, and garnered Data Resolve nine international customers within three months.

“Customers came searching for solutions through Google. They saw our website, were convinced and started purchasing our products,” Kumar says .

Data Resolve offers online solutions for data protection and receives online traffic of around 90,000 unique visitors every month. Its team of six in now developing technology that has never been created in the industry, a 360-degree solution for data security that will provide complete safety from theft and misuse of data.

The company has set a target of one lakh signups for its 360-degree security product and further plans to advance its product line to support more operating systems such as Linux and Macintosh. Also part of its strategy are value-added services through technology partnerships.

This rapid evolution and growth of the company is the result of Kumar’s focus and acuity. His pragmatic approach has produced a company that, in addition to its own activities, reaches out to the world through resellers and channel partners who market its online solutions across the globe.

“Don’t wait,” says Kumar, “but keep looking for that one thing until you find it. Once you find it, stick with it. Identify your real strengths, find the right markets and go right ahead. Be honest with yourself; if your idea can really translate into a business, only then approach investors.”

Data Resolve has faced problems in judgement and conflicts in business decisions. But its focus has compensated for these as well as other mistakes, including committing more than it can deliver and delaying release in markets while attempting to create the perfect product. These are just part of the growth of the company in the early stages, Kumar says.

“We now define well-laid criteria in the first phase and don’t try to build everything at once. Second and most important, do not fall in love with the idea,” Kumar says.

All six members on the Data Resolve team have worked with other firms before, including some at high-paying jobs at Sun Microsystems and British Telecom, and have a wealth of experience to draw from. And each of them shares the same passion for their work at Data Resolve.

Kumar believes it is important to have a mentor and that transparency and honesty are essential while dealing with customers and vendors. YourStory applauds his perspicacity, which, coupled with the aforementioned qualities, has developed an Indian firm whose product is being used by more than 20,000 people and companies worldwide.