Join Milaap's online campaign for World Toilet Day


World Toilet Day is Friday, November 19, and Milaap is running an online campaign to make 10,000 individuals aware of this crisis and pledge their support to end this discrimination in our lifetime. Milaap is partnering with Guardian MFI and the World Toilet Organization to get their inputs on the issue.

Fact: 2.6 Billion people in this world suffer discomfort, disease and loss of dignity everyday due to lack of access to basic sanitation.

Their challenge is: If Milaap gets 10,000 people to join their campaign on Facebook / Twitter (likes/follows) before 26th November 2010 2359 EST, they’ll receive $2500 from NUS Enterprise as a grant. 100% of the grant shall go towards a pilot program to provide microloans for safe sanitation in Trichy, India.

What you can do: Invite your friends to the Facebook page, donate your status message, Tweet/blog about this, email friends, etc. Just do whatever it takes! See Milaap’s campaign page for more information.


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