Carpe Diem – Never Miss Your Daily Goal!

Carpe Diem – Never Miss Your Daily Goal!

Monday February 27, 2012,

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The wise say, ‘Grab the Day’ – which means, don’t let it pass by without achieving what you want to do.

‘A Wonderful Day’ by Tenmiles actually helps you do that by visually describing if we have completed our daily goals.

The app is incredibly simple to learn and use – Just list the activities, their frequency (Say everyday or every alternate day of the week etc.) – Then when you do the task mark them done, (Green) or if you miss it mark it missed (Red)

Over a period of time, as you see long chains of green, you’d hate to see a red spoil the fun. Though this is a deceptively simple app, it is actually a wonderful disciplining tool that gives us a visual feedback if we are doing things right or wrong. Shalin Jain, CEO, Tenmiles says that he was inspired to create this app from Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Productivity Secret

As for the app, I would like to set options to set up a start date and end date for the activity, have social network integration (publish on Facebook, Twitter etc). Right now the app is available for iOS devices only (iPhone / iPod Touch – There is no iPad customized version, however, once should be able to run it as it is in iPad too). I hope Android / Blackberry and Windows Phone support will be added in the future. Personally, I would also love to see the status synchronized across multiple devices for the same user.

I am sure some of the features above are in pipeline. The App is already now in Top Paid Apps (#2) in Productivity and am sure will a lot of hearts going forward!

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