Rocking Robin at Bangalore

Rocking Robin at Bangalore

Wednesday February 29, 2012,

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Robin Sharma, the leadership guru, enthralled 1000 people at Leadership Without Title workshop at Bangalore today hosted by Rang De, the micro entrepreneur support platform. The serpentine queue at the entrance stood witness to the popularity of Robin who is doing this workshop all over the world. As Robin took stage, a few enthusiastic followers greeted him with hoo and loud applause.

Starting with a Sanskirt poem his father taught him about a person at deathbed who regretted about what he did not do, Robin stressed the need to focus on few essential goals for success in life. Stating we live in the age of draining distractions, he said good leaders are known for their unwavering focus on essentials. He stressed on the importance of energy and passion essential to keep the workforce motivated in times of economic uncertainty that is likely to continue at least for two decades to follow.

"Good leaders provoke people to things they thought they never could do," pointed out Robin, interspersing his talk with a few exercises such as talking to strangers and massaging people on either side and getting massaged in the process. It was fun. Job is the vehicle through which you express your potential, gifts and talent. Pointing out that money should take minimum prominence in human endeavors; Robin said making an impact is what matters.

Joey Dunlop and Oseala McCarthy are remembered for what they did to elevate other human beings and Robin took the audience through their life journey. "Little acts of excellence daily lead to stunning results," stressed Robin through these people's acts. You shouldn't become against your own values in pursuit of success. He later gave nine productivity tips.

In the second part of his speech, Robin dwelt upon "The New Rules Of Remarkable Leadership". In this age, anyone can show leadership. Connect and create should be the basis of leadership rather than command and control. Leaders should focus on influencing, impacting and inspiring people.

Seven Devotions of Leaders Without Title

1. Be so good at what you do that people can't take their eyes off. Become indispensable

2. Stop making excuses and deliver results with speed

3. Conquer the addiction to distraction

4. Leave people better than you find them and inspire unimaginable work.

5. Avoid the seduction of success via daily chutzpah.

6. See inside first. This means you should do things to elevate yourself.

7. Lead you to lead others.

The stunning energy and the momentum that Robin generated through his talk are sure to send his leadership message across tellingly. The couple of videos that Robin showed had fun and life's lessons told powerfully than words could tell.

The key to becoming a good leader in essence is becoming a good, better, energized, passionate human being constantly elevating self and using your power of inside to inspire, influence and impact other people. You don't need any title to do that.

-Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist energized by Robin Sharma's three-hour inspiring session

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