Delhiites Travelling in the Metro, an App Just for You!


The National Capital of India, New Delhi, has observed a major rush over its Metro railway service. Daily thousands of people travel in the Metro train. Still, considering the speed of the train and the rush, it becomes very difficult to navigate. Delhi Metro- Mind the Gap! is one such mobile app designed to relieve one of these troubles. Developed by frequent travellers Prateek and Pratul, the app gives a solution.

We're just two people, and both Prateek and me, travel a LOT in the Metro. That was the majority of our research, because we knew exactly what we wanted and what we did not. We also did a bit of study on how users used the existing apps. Most of our effort went into the design of the app, because we wanted anyone who has travelled in the Metro to have an emotional connection with the design and make them smile,” says Pratul Kalia.

What all does it do?

  • Gives you the route between two stations
  • Tells you where to change and towards which direction
  • Tells you an estimated travel time

A major part of the design and development of the app happened in just 48 hours. Prateek and then spent a week perfecting the design, and launched on 26th June, 2012.

Post launch, they have observed good traction. The app is rather minimalistic and lacks some features that a traveller might desire but such apps targeted towards a niche does help in solving a problem. A good starting point, one can expect more from the developers in the future.

Travelling in the Delhi Metro? Try the Delhi Metro App!

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