Gungroo Provides a Safe 'Social Network' for Kids!

Gungroo Provides a Safe 'Social Network' for Kids!

Monday September 10, 2012,

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Gungroo is a private family network with special focus on kids. It is a safe destination for kids as it provides them access to Gmail, Facebook and YouTube, all made safe via parental controls and sourcing. Gungroo is a safe and interactive portal for families where they can exchange messages while a family member moderates what is shared by and with the kids.

Dinker Charak, founded Gungroo in February 2012. Before founding Gungroo, he led the Product Management at Jivox, and managed APAC partnerships, operations & execution of campaigns on the Premium video ad network. Earlier at Wind River, he led a global team that was responsible for adding a key feature in the Device Management product line. Before that, he was at Fermilab (US DoE lab) near Chicago where he worked on Control Systems & Data Acquisition. Dinker has also worked on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Most of my career I have been involved in solving complex problems in the world of embedded systems and Physics and then taking those solutions to customers. The ability to look at a very complicated problem, create a simple looking solution for it and then taking the solution to the users is a very fulfilling experience. The wide range of being a technologist in embedded systems & High Energy Physics computing space to being a business pioneer in online video advertising, has given me a unique view into how technology and business feed each other successfully,” says Dinker.

As with many startups these days, there’s an interesting story behind the idea of Gungroo as well. Dinker says that his niece is the primary motivation behind the creation of Gungroo. He throws light on the struggle that the family members have to undergo while maintaining a fine balance of opening up the online world to her and keep her away from exposure to inappropriate content & contacts.

Currently they are focusing on developing a strong user base. They plan to partner with startups in the edutainment sector in a way that their partner can focus on the content while they focus on the right audience. Their users are willing to pay for the right kind of professionally created content.

They have followed the release-early-and-fail-fast approach. Till middle of last month they were a private alpha where they were allowing users by invite only. Having a limited but easily accessible set of users is very important for start-ups like Gungroo. They are still in alpha stage but now anyone can join in.

The community of start-ups that are working on creating technology solutions for kids is small in India. We can learn a lot from each other and leverage each other’s offerings. I have joined hands with a couple more founders in the same space in creating a community of such start-ups so we can learn fast and deliver better,” says Dinker.

Creating a technology solution for kids that kids will adopt is just the right complex problem that needs to be solved.

Disturbed by your kids' social network usage? Check out Gungroo! Also, check out YourStory Pages and Gungroo's Page as well! 

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