Vastugyani: A Startup Spreading the Knowledge of Vastu Shashtra!

Vastugyani: A Startup Spreading the Knowledge of Vastu Shashtra!

Wednesday September 12, 2012,

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Vastu shastra and Feng shui are both ancient and sacred bodies of knowledge revealing the connection between humans and the dwellings they inhabit. In Vastu shastra, as well as in Feng shui, the focus is on the person's well-being, which can only be achieved when we are in harmony with nature and the universal flow of energy. What we know and understand of both is still quite limited, as ancient wisdom is rarely translated clearly and applied in modern culture. As a startup business idea, Vastugyani, attempts to make the world understand this connection between human beings and surroundings. The online concept of Vastu consultancy saves travel expenditures on experts and hence a consumer is able to save both money and time. With reduced costs it becomes approachable for all the classes of society.

The team Vastugyani comprises of: Sameer Jain, handles Business development and Strategy, Sandeep Verma, manages Business development and operations, Ishwar Kumhar, handles business development in Vastugyani, Sushrut Chelawat, manages the business development in Bangalore, and Anil Garg, handles business development in New Delhi. has been created with a vision of making Vastu gyan (knowledge) available all across the world. Now anybody sitting in any part of the world can avail the services of the Vastu experts. With Vastugyani, the consumer has to follow 3 simple steps to get a personalized report: sketch a layout, click the layout, and upload it on the website.

The Vastugyani experts make a self explanatory report that contains detailed analysis of each and every area, percentage evaluation of current and proposed Vastu strength of the premises, recommendations, priority and actions required. They have tied up with 8 well known vastu consultants. Four of these consultants have a total combined experience of 60 years.They are in the process of tying up with 2 international and 1 national Feng shui expert as well.

They provide three kinds of services:

  • Vastu for individual places like house, flat, bungalows etc
  • Vastu for commercial places like office, warehouse, industry etc
  • Vastu certification for real estate projects (includes vastu expert’s site visit)

Within 25 days of launching, they have been receiving around 20-30 free queries per day that include questions from the age group of 18-54 years. A few students ask about study table direction for better concentration, on the other hand middle aged people asked for vastu tips for growth in business and career whereas elderly people are concerned about health. So far they have received several paid enquiries by individuals for houses, offices and project certification enquiries by builders and contractors. Till date they have received 80% traffic from India and the rest from countries like US, UK, Canada, UAE, and Australia.

There is a wide segment of people who believe in Vastu but there is also a segment that does not believe in Vastu. The reason being, a majority of blogs, websites and even consultants recommend vastu changes and remedies, but the reasons for such changes are not explained properly. A person follows advice only when there is a strong valid reasoning behind it. Majority of people who believe or don’t believe do not understand the reason behind vastu recommendations and advice.

Issue: According to Vastu we should sleep with our head in the South direction and avoid sleeping with our head to the north. There are many websites and blogs giving this vastu tip but nobody specifies the reason of doing so.

Reason: It is known that our planet has a magnetic field stretched from north to south with the positive pole at the north and the negative pole at the south. Health scientists tell us that we too have a similar magnetic field with the positive pole at the head and the negative one at the feet. It is common knowledge that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. When we lay our heads on the north side, the two positive sides repel each other and there is a struggle between the two. Since the earth has a greater magnetic force we can suffer from headache or heaviness in the morning. They are planning to start Sunday lectures by experts in societies free of cost to spread awareness and remove misconceptions which act as barriers in the growth of this knowledge.

Team Vastugyani has taken up a few causes as well:

Rural education: 1% of every order is given to Karmapath trust. This trust is actively putting efforts to improve the education standards in village schools by upgrading infrastructure, providing computer and English education and setting up computer labs.

Save tree: A diary made out of recycled paper is given to individuals who choose to receive a soft copy of the report instead of the hard copy.

Check out Vastugyani’s offerings! Vastugyani is now on YourStory Pages too!

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