Chotu Shuts Down, Right Angle Web Launches TimeSaverz to Tap a Similar Problem

Chotu Shuts Down, Right Angle Web Launches TimeSaverz to Tap a Similar Problem

Wednesday October 24, 2012,

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It wasn't long back when we wrote about (site currently gives an error, checkout FB page), a concierge service started by Kirtan Adiecha. The service for Mumbaikars was doing reasonably well untill we landed upon upon their page to checkout which gave an error and an inactive Facebook page. Pivoting or shutting down? (Updates soon). In the meanwhile, Right Angle Web India Pvt. Ltd. has launched a digital solution provider called as a single source to take care of all one's household chores. From the annual maintenance of homes to the online purchase of groceries, Timesaverz makes all this and more available online. Its services are on offer in Mumbai at present."Average working professionals spend around 12 hours every weekday to discharge their corporate responsibilities, leaving a packed weekend to attend to domestic chores. Between co- ordinating with various service providers for household maintenance activities, picking up grocery, paying bills etc. they end up with no time for themselves, family or friends," said Time Saverz and Mumbai being the closes to situation has been picked upon.

Says Debadutta Upadhyaya, Co-Founder & CEO,, "Starting with services that are the usual time-consuming suspects, the vision behind Timesaverz is to offer a helping hand for every job that an average homemaker can outsource to enjoy multiple benefits. We are hoping to enhance your multi tasking ability without compromising on quality or service." Debadutta Upadhayaya has previously been the mobiliser of winning teams and business' for over 16 years across media companies like The Times of India Group, Yahoo! and Vdopia. She started Right Angle Web India Pvt. Ltd as a firm offering digital solutions to provide consumer convenience and optimize web usage for different services.

Their first product, TimeSaverz acts as a single service provider so now one doesn’t have to go over 6 AMC contracts with 6 different vendors to tackle multiple annual maintenance requirements at home. It has an extended reach of certified and verified service providers to ensure service quality. Customers get a choice between long term tie up or short time “on-request” service.

There are incentives for customers who can earn from the minute gratification programme that helps one re-purpose the time saved into activities of his or her choice.

Time will tell what model suits the most and if people are ready to take it all online. (We bicker about queues but we also miss them sometimes.) Check out TimeSaverz.

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