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Hire Cloud-ready DevOps engineers with Career Gear!

Hire Cloud-ready DevOps engineers with Career Gear!

Tuesday October 09, 2012 , 4 min Read

Hiring is a grappling problem with Indian startups and this is no big secret. Suraj Kumar, a startup guy at heart who has been with  Y! Bangalore, Amazon India and InMobi was privy to the problem and wanted to provide a solution. What does he do? He scouts colleges and gets engineers ready for work well before they graduate!

Career Gear is a Talent Spotting, Upgrading and Delivering company which scours Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and colleges for bright minds, trains them on universally important IT operations fundamentals and specific technologies of relevance to each of its client employers.

In the 8 months of its existence, Career Gear has proven, albeit at a small scale, that the model of picking raw talent, training them using Industry-experienced hands and an exercise oriented training model can create young engineers who can clear tough technical interviews and do well in modern startups. Exotel hired Govindarajan, the first ever graduate in his entire family tree and hails from a village near Manapparai - Trichy, who was trained by Career Gear.

Career Gear’s 3 step talent delivery model is as follows:

  • Talent Spotting is done using at least three rounds of knock-out tests where besides the customary logical and problem solving aptitude tests, a “Learnability test” is conducted to gauge one's ability to learn and apply newly learnt concepts. This is an indicator of how good a learner the given candidate is. The top talent that survives the wringer is put up for further non-tech screening by employers for short listing for admission into Career Gear’s Talent Upgrade programme.
  • Talent Upgrade happens through an intensive exercise oriented self-learning method where one's muscle memory is built up to keep reaction time for solving production issues fast while simultaneously keeping their minds open to questioning and exploring various possibilities of learning. “Over 60% of the learning is self-done through mini projects with only the basics of Unix, Programming and TCP/IP being covered in detail as part of the training”, says Suraj. The entire development is also an iterative and interactive phenomenon where the employer is encouraged to participate in giving valuable inputs such as the choice of technologies or even the nature of business and customer issues that will ultimately land on this very engineer!
  • Talent Delivery happens along with all the work done by the candidate during the training as part of various mock (or even real, your!) projects along with reports of progress made by the candidate during the training programme. This makes the final     interviewing much more detailed and useful.

By the end of 2012, Career Gear intends to launch a “cloud-lab-on-the-cloud”- a Unix based lab on the cloud that throws exercises and technical challenges to measure the performance of learners from across India. Career Gear believes this will help reach into all the corners to look for talent. “Ultimately, we’d like to get a kick out of seeing more Govindarajans find exciting top jobs. Leveraging technology to achieve it is the best way forward,” exclaims Suraj.


The inertia of existing campus recruitment process is driven by the big brand IT companies. Year after year, thousands of students are offered jobs from campuses without being called to join even after a full year of offering the job. “They literally acquire a lock on the top talent and neither give most of them a job, nor do the campus policy of most colleges allow a student to appear for another campus interview,” sighs Suraj.

Big brand IT company names excite many of the top talent. Building brand awareness for emerging startups takes on a new meaning from the point of view of not only each enterprise's target customers but also potential hires. To this end, Career Gear also campaigns through indigenous creatives avenues.

So, if you're an entrepreneur looking for a superb systems engineer who will grow with your company and it's infrastructure, now is the time to get in touch with Career Gear to grab the best!

Website: CareerGear