MangoApps 7 Debuts with New Features and a Free Unlimited User Plan

Monday October 22, 2012,

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Today, MangoApps launches a big release further extending the capabilities of this enterprise-grade social collaboration network. MangoApps 7 combines the capabilities of a traditional intranet with advanced team collaboration, and enterprise social networking in a single, unified platform. Moreover, the new freemium version of MangoApps is neither limited in features nor by the number of users on the platform, so teams get all the benefits with unlimited users for free.  (Premium versions with advanced admin controls, integrations, and private cloud and on-premise deployment options also available).

“Collaboration is more than just a buzzword, it represents the new way of work and MangoApps is among the new breed of cloud-based enterprise collaboration platforms that is making it dead simple for organizations of any size to share and collaborate in a truly meaningful fashion,” said Jacob Morgan, principal of Chess Media Group and author of The Collaborative Organization.

Enterprise Collaboration at a Fraction of the Cost

The new version of MangoApps includes dozens of advanced features designed to help organizations of all sizes work smarter. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Social Intranets, Wikis, and Newsfeeds: Building on many of the same social paradigms embedded in popular Web 2.0 tools, MangoApps makes it easy to create intranet pages, interactive wikis, and newsfeeds so users can quickly share information with the rest of their team in a secured workspace;
  • Office and Outlook Plug-ins: Most individuals are comfortable with the tools they already use. MangoApps now includes plug-ins for Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other major productivity applications, enabling them to auto-sync their documents and collaborate on documents in real-time;
  • Seamlessly Integrated Applications: Making all of the applications that individuals use on a daily basis seamlessly work together is foundational to successful team collaboration. MangoApps provides cross-functional integration between all of key productivity applications organizations rely on, including connectors to most popular CRM apps such as Salesforce, Siebel CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics as well as enterprise systems like Microsoft Sharepoint, and all of the major cloud-based file-sharing services like, DropBox, and Google Docs.

To meet the flexibility and security requirements of organizations, MangoApps is available in all three major deployment models.

  • Multi-Tenant SaaS (Fully Managed): Hosted in a multi-tenant environment in our U.S. Tier 1, SAS70 Type II certified facility.
  • Single-Tenant Private Cloud (Fully Managed): Hosted in a single-tenant environment in our U.S., Europe, South America or Asia based Tier 1, SAS70 Type II certified facility, providing additional security, integration, and customization options.
  • On Premise: Bring MangoApps on-premise for total control of your collaborative efforts and seamless integration into other business systems.

“If you’ve ever considered implementing better communication and collaborationtools but couldn’t justify the time or financial commitment involved, now there is no excuse,” said AnupKejriwal, CEO of MangoApps. “This new version of MangoApps is the culmination of six major releases over the course of the past four years and incorporates everything a team could ask for in a collaboration platform.”

Watch a brief video overview of MangoApps.

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