Switch Idea; Turning the Conventional Recruitment Process on its Head, Socially

Switch Idea; Turning the Conventional Recruitment Process on its Head, Socially

Wednesday October 24, 2012,

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One of the primary purposes of the internet was to make a more connected world and social media has been an enabler with this regard. One can actually explore and find new people at the 6th degree of separation with social networks. This person could be anyone; even your next boss.

Working on this very thought is Switch Idea a platform connecting Job-Seekers with Employers powered by a social notification system.Employers can

post a job on Switch Idea and users with skill sets in relevance to the job posting will receive notifications about the job postings on their social account. Each user has a V-Card” that performs the function of a profile. These V-Cards carry keywords which describe a users skill set. Along with these key words, the V-Card also displays information about a user's Location, Education Details, Employment History, Portfolio, Social Accounts, etc.A Student Entrepreneur

Niranjan Yadav, the 20 year old entrepreneur behind this innovative product shared with us some numbers with respect to Switch Idea “We have close to 12900 users on the portal at the moment and almost 50% of those users are from the US. By the end of this year, we are looking to to reach about 50000 users.”

Switch Idea had earlier been at the recieving end of a seed fund from Wahooly. “We've put the funds to good use,” says Niranjan, “We have invested in copyrighting, trademarking, buying paid APIs for development and for design and development work in general.”

Online Recruitment Process Turned on it's Head

To me, this is a significant change in the way recruitment is done online. Instead of job seekers looking for the right postings in cluttered job portals, the

postings come to the relevant candidates. Its almost like a employment exchange, only on the internet, powered by social media. I quite like what this little team of 5 best friends from Navi Mumbai are doing.As a parting note, Niranjan shared “I think finances are important, but what is more important to me is that the system will benefit many people in the coming days. Also, this would be like a validation that social media can be used for useful things as well.”

Time will tell. Until then, watch this space for more updates from Switch Idea.

Do you want a job to find you? Try Switch Idea.

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