[YS TV] Bowei and Benjamin savour the flavour of India; Shake a leg to the tunes of Dabangg

Saturday January 19, 2013,

1 min Read

For those who didn't know, Dabangg is roughly the Hindi equivalent for kickass. And it wouldn't be wrong to call serial entrepreneur, Bowei Gai and veteran investor, Benjamin Joffe as Dabangg. Currently in India to research for the World Startup Report, Bowei and Benjamin have been spending time on the road with entrepreneurs to gain first hand insights and along the way guide and help Indian entrepreneurs in building their companies.

Bowei and Benjamin have done several meetups including the one at YourStory Office and the other one at the Microsoft Accelerator. Both these meetups had some very insightful discussions but along with all the knowledge exchange, Bowei and Benjamin had something exceptional up their sleeves to entertain the audience at the Microsoft Accelerator. They indulged in some fun & frolic and treated the crowed with a little surprise that would make Chulbul Pandey a very proud man- presenting the Dabangg Dance, "World Startup Report" way -

Did you enjoy Bowei and Benjamin's attempt at embracing bolloywood? Tell us what you think!

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