Crowdfunding, Health-Tech, And Failures – What You’ve Been Missing On SocialStory

Crowdfunding, Health-Tech, And Failures – What You’ve Been Missing On SocialStory

Monday March 04, 2013,

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In case you haven’t kept up to date with what’s been going on with SocialStory for the past couple weeks, here is a roundup of what you’ve missed.


As much as we love our social entrepreneurs, it’s always refreshing to get a new perspective on what’s going on in the social enterprise space. In this roundup, SocialStory presents you with unique insights on crowdfunding and the health-tech industry.

Crowdfunding in the social sector: some on-ground challenges & technical solutions: Shrinath V discusses his insights from a recent panel he sat on at the Tech Camp in Mumbai, organized by the US Department of State. The panel discussion centered on how crowdfunding platforms could help the social sector in developing markets like India.

[YS TV] Scott Mark Of Medtronic, World's Largest Medical Technology Company: Scott Mark, Senior Innovation Program Manager of Medtronic, global leader in medical technology solutions, discusses the role of technology in healthcare and how Medtronic hopes to learn from the Indiancommunity.

Celebrate Failure!

SocialStory’s Celebrate Failure Series has continued with the brave stories of entrepreneurs who have experienced failure in their pursuits, and who have learned a lesson as a result. Their stories illustrate the importance of discussing failure for all entrepreneurs, so that we can all learn from each other’s mistakes and avoid repeating them. If you have a failure story to tell, let us know at [email protected].

Together We Stand, Divided We Fail: Hemant Nitturkar and CARMa Venture Solutions: Hemant Nitturkar describes how disunity within his team at CARMa Venture Solutions eventually forced him to divest his share of the company. His failure taught him a lot about managing an early stage startup.

Failing is inevitable, every once in a while. Fail Well. Fail Successfully: Niranjan Rao, co-founder and Managing Director of,explains the importance of transforming our perceptions of failure into a more positive outlook. There is nothing wrong with failing, as long as fail well, by leveraging these failures for future success.

Kevin F. Adler’s Baby Steps ToSuccess With Kevin F. Adler, founder and CEO of in this, describes the failure he experienced with is prior venture, While he was eager to share his story, he urges entrepreneurs to move past the “failure” and “success” jargon. We wouldn’t look at a baby learning to walk, Kevin notes, and call that baby a failure.

Failure In The Classroom Sparks Innovation With Impact: Teach For India fellow Devanik Saha explains how his failure in the classroom taught him lessons that ultimately led him to develop Maths In A Box, an innovation that got him recognized as one of the Top 25 Educational Innovators in Delhi by UK-based NGO, STIR Education.

Social Enterprise

From healthcare, to impact investment, to kitchenware, these last few weeks have brought us in contact with some notably impressive social entrepreneurs working to improve the lives of Indians and people around the world.

Eyenetra's Plan To Revolutionize Eye Care In India: Interview with David Schafran, Co-founder and CEO of EyeNetra, a low cost mobile device that promises to disrupt the Indian healthcare space at the point of diagnosis. Schafran expects the Eyenetra device to help the millions in India with eye conditions that go untreated due to the difficulty of receiving proper screening and testing.

Extinguishing The Killer In The Kitchen: Mumbai-based Greenway Grameen Infra offers rural consumers a cleaner, more efficient, and more convenient way of cooking. GGI’s innovative,stand alone Smart Stove reduces dangerous smoke emissions by 80% and fuel consumption by 65%.

[YS TV] Mark Friess, CEO OfWelvu, Is Working To Disrupt How Healthcare Information Is Delivered: In an exclusive YSTV interview, Mark Friess discusses his soon to be launched mobile application, Welvu. The goal of his platform, he explains, is to reduce the 20 million people per year that die around the world largely due to lack of information.

Changing How Healthcare is Delivered, MediAngels, The World’s First Online Hospital: Exclusive SocialStory interview with Dr. Debraj Shome, co-founder of Mediangels. Dr. Shome and his partner Dr. Arbinder Singal are working to turn Mediangels into the world’s first online hospital, enabling users to access consultation from doctors around the world through their online platform.

FemS3: Impact Investment With An Emphasis On Impact Exclusive SocialStory interview with Dr. Martin Vogelsang, Director of Fem Sustainable Social Solutions, a Bangalore based nonprofit focused on nurturing social entrepreneurs to alleviate poverty. Dr. Vogelsang answers questions and discussed FemS3’s new OPES Impact Fund.

Now that you’re all caught up, make sure to keep up to date with what’s going on in the social startup space at SocialStory!

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