Throw the Best Party in Town with eShack

Thursday March 21, 2013,

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Do you want to throw the best party in town?! The party which no one forgets for rest of their life then get in touch with Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh. These two brave hearts are third year law students from Jindal Global Law School and founders of eShack.

Arman and Ashwajeet
Arman and Ashwajeet

One year back, while celebrating the birthday of close one in Bangkok, chugging beers and complaining about the party scene in India, the duo realized that there is a huge opportunity for disrupting the party scene in India. Since then it is their life’s mission to reinvent the way people throw party in India.

They started their online venture eShack in November 2012 that caters to all party and alcohol lovers. To shake-up the party scene they have come up with a select range of products, such as beer towers, ‘Beer Bongs’ for chugging truckloads of beer through single/double funnels, ‘Beer Hats and Helmets’ for a hands-free, continuous flow of booze, ‘Beer Belts’ and ‘Beer Pong Tables’ for a game of beer pong.

While attempting to bring in the American style of drinking from blue and red solo cups, they have also not forgotten about the large number of whiskey, tequila and vodka fans out there. So they have Whiskey Stones to chill your drink without diluting it, Drinking Roulette Wheels with vodka glasses for an alcoholic version of the game of Russian Roulette, ice shot glasses, alcohol pumps and dispensers.

In the beginning they targeted individual customers but thanks to word of mouth within first two months, even bar owners and event managers have started showing interest in their products.

Arman says, “We had the first taste of success when big company like FashionAndYou  and Bagittoday showed interest in our product for retail tie-ups. This made us confident that this business can go more mainstream.”
He further adds:
“You know you’re on the right road to success when enquiries starts flowing even from a dry city like Ahmedabad.”


They started with a small capital borrowed from their parents and have come a long way within the first year of their venture. They are looking to raise more capital to expand their range of products to address more demanding customers.

They are looking for major alcohol brand tie-ups to start Beer Pong championship as sports as well as have plans to open retail outlets.

Both of the founders are in early 20’s and are students in college. Striking a work-life balance was the most difficult problems they have faced, because they have been involved in every aspect of the business.

They manage everything on their own from accounting to taxation, managing customers to handling shipments and even setting up website to marketing & branding.

Their career looks promising as soon as they graduate from the law school and StudentStory wishes them luck for their future!