Facebook Confessions Pages, Leave No Place To Hide!


Imagine if your roommate confesses to you that he had hidden your notes a day before the exam, then it is natural that you shall never forgive him if you score low. Now imagine if the same thing comes up as an anonymous confession in public on a Facebook page, you would probably laugh that the same happened to you some time back. Facebook confessions are in trend these days and its mostly the Gen-X with whom it has found favour.A confession is the disclosure of one’s sins in the sacrament of reconciliation - made in the solace of religious places. Today with the ever growing population and improvement in technology there has been some shifts in the method of confessions of sins. And the craze of social media has made a platform like Facebook a good virtual shoulder to cry upon? With the help of a Google forms people can anonymously fill in the confession and the admin shall publish the same. This modus operandi has spread like a wildfire all over the country. As a matter of fact these pages are organized and managed by none other than the present students or the alma mater of the institution and the best part is that the confessions are generally posted as soon as they are received. Below are some screen shots just in case if you want to create your own confessions page:

After you click on the link you can select any of the topics which have a closer relationship to the type of audience

While some people believe in don't worry-be-happy, some students who have used the FB confession platform have agreed they felt better after they made a confession public, albeit anonymously. A recent confession of this kind, ran into trouble when disciplinary action was taken by the college against the student who had done the act. This has in turn resulted in Wifi privileges being taken off, or being banned or timed by the management and more stricter rules have been set up in many campuses.

Confession from a page of a famous college

This generation is anything but deterred and continue to rant undeterred on Facebook. While it may be therapeutic for the confessor, for some readers who are no way connected with the incident, find it good fun to read such posts, while another lot play ‘guess the confessor’ game. From the inputs we obtained from various students across colleges it turns out that Facebook which was losing its appeal for many, has suddenly transformed to be the most addicting yet again because of these confession pages.

The next big thing on Facebook appears the anonymity quotient it offers to people who want to stay behind the scenes. StudentStory is keen to see the development on these pages and how colleges and people use it in the days ahead.

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