[YS Learn] LBS across enterprise, government and consumer segments: Global adoption trends and potential

Decoding location based services. Image courtesy: enormlabs

This is part of an educational series on the lbs domain. Through this series, we will explore features of Maps and location based services, potential areas and opportunities and companies that operate in the domain. 


Mention location based services (LBS), and most people think of maps and check-ins. Location based services (and the allied geo-spatial services) have a potential and scope much wider in fields ranging from urban governance, fleet management, data analytics and local exploration.

Though many of the previous years have been heralded as the time ripe for LBS, it is only recently that many pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. At one hand, GPS enabled smartphones are commonplace, generating a wealth of location info. On the other hand, governments have recognized the benefits that geo-spatial services can bring to governance. The enterprise segment is exploring the potential of location based analytics and location based advertising, amongst others.

With global interest in the potential of LBS, newer business applications are evolving for various domains. However, there is a lack of awareness of what LBS can bring to the table and how it can be applied. This is one of the key factors constraining the growth of the industry.

We started this series with an aim to explore various facets of location based services. Today, we're proud to announce the launch of the first consolidated report globally exploring location based services (and the allied geo-spatial services) in the enterprise, government and consumer domains.

This report aims to highlight key services, categorized by their applicability to the enterprise, government and consumer domains. This is not an exhaustive report of all services; rather, we have picked services that are indicative of what benefits location can bring to existing solutions. As the intention is to highlight a variety of existing services, we have intentionally omitted some newer advances in the domains such as indoor positioning, NFC based applications, etc.

This report was published in conjunction with Convergence Catalyst, a young and nimble Telecom Research and Advisory firm based in Bangalore.

What you will find in the report:

- Overview, market size and potential about location based services

- Worldwide deployment trends of key location based services

- Relevance of LBS in key verticals like FMCG, Telecom, Retail, BFSI, Automotive and White Goods

- Key players, drivers, barriers to adoption and analysis of potential for various services

- Use of LBS in government sectors like urban planning, traffic management, public transport planning, disaster management, maritime tracking, etc.

- Key consumer services, main players, offerings and analysis


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Location Based Services: Global Market Overview, Deployment Trends and Potential in Enterprise, Government and Consumer segments


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