Diva Odysseys, a travel venture by a woman for only women

Monday July 22, 2013,

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From group travels to pilgrimage to adventure and now to a women only travel. Since companies like Make My Trip, Yatra, etc showed how internet can make travel a lucrative business, many have followed in their footsteps. And at YourStory we have featured a fair share of them too. This story is about Neena Jhanjee’s Diva Odysseys -- a startup that offers targeted tours designed specially for women aka divas.

Neena Jhanjee

Diva Odysseys is a travel boutique that creates luxury international tours, by bringing like-minded women travellers together and providing a fun and safe environment during the tours. Started in March this year, the venture tries to create an experience that will be memorable for the traveller in every way. Neena says they help travellers experience the culture, food and many fine aspects of a venue than just sight seeing. On how she selects the destination, Neena says: “I try to arrange tours of places that I have previously visited and have contacts of local people. But at the same time we also respect the choices of the ladies. I feel that a woman should deserve some quality time of her own. and sometimes that gets missed out when you are out with your family.”


The tours arranged by Diva Odysseys generally comprises of 8-15 members and are extended to around 7-8 days. “We understand that its difficult to take out time from the busy schedules, therefore we try to keep the span as minimum as possible. Moreover the holidays are meant to give you relaxation, long tour often makes you lose your focus,” adds Neena.

Neena was in the banking space for 13 years before she started up and has been part of banks and PE firms. She has herself witnessed diverse places around the globe such as digging into the exotic hot-pot in Hong Kong or swimming with the Manta Rays in Maldives. She emphatically mentions “Each journey was diverse and exceptional but at the same time sharing them with like-minded buddies made it more special. This inspired me to create Diva Odysseys -a platform where divas could meet, travel and see the world.

In the initial phase Neena plans to conduct personal visits to promote the startup and generate awareness among women. The target audience for Diva Odysseys includes ladies of all age groups: married or single, homemakers or business-women. Few promotional tours have been conducted across cities such as Bangalore and the response has been very appreciative. Neena also plans to extend their promotions through social and print media in near future.

Website: Diva Odysseys

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