Isaac Farin, a Miami-based therapist and entrepreneur in the business of healing minds

Isaac Farin, a Miami-based therapist and entrepreneur in the business of healing minds

Thursday August 08, 2013,

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The word therapy has different connotations in different geographies. So it maybe fashionable and almost a fad in South American countries, but in India it is still a taboo, or in markets like US, where the option is acceptable. Stephanie Dargoltz a mental health counsellor from Miami agrees therapy is a growing area of importance in the US. “It is a big business and a big profession here. There is a lot of honour attached to being a psychiatrist. While US is still largely a medication driven country, a lot of doctors now actively suggest their patients to opt for therapy – which is a good thing. But the other extreme is over medication. Doctors and psychiatrists medicating people for normal behavioural issues such as being angry or sad. This is a dangerous trend because now even normal behavior is seen as abnormal and is redirected toward medication,” says Stephanie.

Isaac Farin Therapy LLC
Isaac Farin

We spoke to Stephanie to get an idea about the space for this entrepreneur’s story from Miami. Isaac Farin, is a certified therapist who has worked with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of contexts from Miami, Florida. He opened Isaac Farin Therapy in January 2011 as a part-time practice, and entered practice full-time since March 2012. The different types of therapy offered by Isaac includes strength based approaches, longboard therapy, hypnotheraphy/hypnosis, mindfulness and awareness based approaches, systemic therapy/collaborative therapy, spiritual approaches, sports therapy and postmodern and collaborative therapy.

Before turning entrepreneur, Isaac had worked with Miami Dade and Broward communities. He was supervising more than 200 families and worked directly with the court systems and other referral sources in the community. He continues to have a working relationship with a number of therapeutic bodies in the US.

Since starting in March 2012, Issac Farin Therapy has worked with 150 patients. They have a diverse client base, ranging from 5 to 78 years old, and Issac says the challenges they face are also varied. “Since our therapists have training across a variety of areas, we are able to work effectively with many different clients,” he explains. Issac says their services are differentiated from others in the market, because they use a future oriented approach and encourage their clients to focus on their strengths and on the present, rather than the past.

Isaac Farin Therapy LLC

Issac is helped by Denise Fournier, a registered mental health counselor intern who has worked with various community agencies in South Florida. She is actively involved in advocating for LGBTQ equality at the local, national, and international levels. These two people at the clinic now and Isaac says he doesn’t have any plans to hire any more people to his team.A new area the Isaac is venturing into is a partnership with Safari Surf School Retreat, in Nosara, Costa Rica. Nosara he says provides a good atmosphere for mind and body healing and relaxation while also offering a variety of outdoor activities. As part of a week-long retreat, Isaac will be conducting a series of lectures on how to create positive mind and body change. For customer acquisition, Isaac goes to schools, networking events, and develops relationships through community referrals. He also works with a PR agency to spread information about his services.

Talking about his long term goals, Issac says, “My immediate and long term goals are to have a successful private practice while continuing to provide some pro bono services to those who need. I also want to grow the idea of longboard therapy while training other therapists on how to utilize this type of therapy. And to continuously stay informed with up to date research.”

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