Mountain Apollo India Incubator invites applications from super early stage startups

Monday August 12, 2013,

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Mountain Apollo India Incubator is a Noida based incubator program started by Zurich based Mountain Partners AG and Apollo International Group. They have been operational for 9 months now and have incubated Cloe but are now looking for more startups. The incubator doesn’t intend to follow a ‘batch system’ but is roughly looking at incubating 4 startups a year.We earlier covered the incubator to reveal their openness towards startups with founders having liabilities and they are now taking in more applications to filter startups for the incubator. The program invites paper plans, super-early startups to pitch their ideas to team Mountain Apollo India (MAI). If the plan is synergistic with MAI team, the program commits funds enough to take the company to a Series A (or larger next pre-series/super-angel rounds) and the incubation team joins the founders as co-founders for the first few months of product launch and there-on phases out to incubate the next business.

The funding given is flexible and it is made sure that the entrepreneur doesn’t have a crunch in terms of finance, be it personal or for the startup. The model targets incubating maximum 3-4 focused businesses in a year, where the team works closely with the entrepreneur to take the business to a logical level before it is ready to sustain itself. This is on the lines of a similar set-up run by Mountain Partners in Berlin.

Pankaj Vermani is the CEO while Aditya Chaturvedi is the CTO for the Incubator. Besides the full-time co-founding incubation team, the startups has a chance to get mentored by some of the industry experts coming from the networks of Mountain Partners AG as well as Apollo International Group.

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