Entrepreneur in spotlight : King Sidharth

Friday September 27, 2013,

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Risk, passion, dedication, values, Ideas, business. Sounds familiar? No, read along.

The above-mentioned qualities can be easily related to our entrepreneur in spotlight for today.

King Sidharth, is regarded as an enthusiastic young entrepreneur in India. He is popular for his designs, philosophy and is a regular speaker across various college events. Entrepreneurs somewhat find it hard to fit in a monotonous world, not willing to walk on the norms set by the society. Life of King Sidharth reflects such principles, a drop-out by choice but never did he stop his learning curve.

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King Sidharth[/caption] 

Early life and the desire to create something

While studying in school, as a 11-year-old-kid, King Sidharth was creative and overall confident about his interests.

 He started organizing events in his locality, they also made tickets for the attendees. He shares “the mere idea of running my own show was fascinating for me. We also used to give small presents to the winners in these shows.”

Later in the 10th standard he started an online magazine called Friendz, an attempt to cater all like-minded people in at one place. It was then that he developed deep interest in film making and started shooting short videos amongst his friends group

 King Sidhath was then listed among World"s 25 Young Entrepreneurs in the year 2010 and was also featured in the book .

By the 11th grade, he had gained significant knowledge in designing and creating websites. He also started working on many freelancing projects and in the process hired few people. It was during these years that he had the idea of dropping off a year before joining the college. He did face many advises on his wise decision. But at the end he did what he meant to do. He adds here “I knew college won’t teach me anything, so why I should join? Just to follow the other rats in the race. Instead, I opted for a year drop, at the end of which everything really landed at right places." In this one year he worked for few startups, met many interesting people, failed at some things, but overall he learned from every experience.

Dropping out and entrepreneurship

After a year of experimenting with different things, he opted for Arts college to pursue his graduation. But things didn’t turn out exactly as he had thought. “There was nothing wrong with the college but in a way it was hampering my startup career . Although I did learn a lot from different people, but I really wanted to something of my own” The 9 to 5 schedule of the college gave him very little time to fiddle with his interests, eventually he dropped out of it.

Tuning on to his web-making skills he started Web Mutiny, along with a friend. Together, they intended to create and solve good design problems.

With the course of time, as some events unfolded, he quit Web Mutiny to join Instamojo in Mumbai. Different platforms, but he still works on his passion. Living his dreams as per his own wish, this being the reason for ‘King’ Sidharth.

Takeaway for students and aspiring entrepreneurs

King Sidharth"s life incidents has many takeaways for the students in general. Instead of blindly following the rat race, take a moment to actually reflect on what you really expect from your life. He always believed in molding his life as per his wishes, be it dropping from college or taking the road to entrepreneurship.

Quoting a line from his blog :

Entrepreneurs fail. They fail more than normal people because they try different and crazy things that have never been done before.And, in the end, there is no failure, if you had fun in it and if you grew as a person.

If you wish to read more of his writings, log on to 64notes