Divide by Zero - Startup on a mission to create affordable & professional 'Made in India' 3D printers

Divide by Zero - Startup on a mission to create affordable & professional 'Made in India' 3D printers

Wednesday February 05, 2014,

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3D printers have been in the news lately for the potential to change the way industries, SMEs across different verticals design their prototypes. While global players like Startasys and EOS dominate the 3D printing space, Indian startups like Brahma3 Anvil with a handful of others are developing low cost 3D printers to ease the design and prototyping process. One such startup is Mumbai-based Divide by Zero Technologies which developed Accucraft studio and industry series 3D Printers.

The company’s 3D printers create any conceivable rapid prototyping products and can be used by anyone.

Swapnil Sansare and Riju R Earaly used to participate in different robotic competitions during their college days.a They faced trouble finding spares for their robots and no machine tool shops were ready to manufacture one or two pieces, and even if they did, they used to charge them heavily. This motivated them to build their own 3D printer. “We thought of making affordable

Accucraft team

3D printers for the Indian market and support individuals and organizations to prototype their ideas, play with them and create wonders,” says Swapnil.Accucraft S 150 3D Printer is compact, affordable and easy to use – just a plug and play machine for creating fast and accurate prototypes and designs. It is widely applicable and flexible to suit the requirements of various industries. “It’s completely manufactured in India and also one of the first affordable and professional 3D printers,” claims Swapnil.

There are a few 3D printers available in India but mostly imported from abroad. “These printers didn’t come with any warranty and customer service which results in mediocre and low quality outputs,” he points out. Accucraft 3D printer can be assembled for out of the box usage and offers support and warranty features.

Specification of Accucraft S 150 3D Printer

  • Complete powder-coated sheet metal body gives it ultimate stability and precision for printing
  • Specially designed XY Gantry delivers positional precision of six Microns and speeds up print at 300mm/sec
  • Removable Build Platform avoids the pain to put on and remove any sticking materials, just hit print and you are ready to go.
  • Three Point Semi-Automatic Bed Leveling takes less than a minute and you are ready for the next print 

  • Manufactured and tested under high quality standards and access to local support

DVZ faced a lot of obstacles during its journey, including procurement of the best raw materials and software for developing Accucraft. “We started evaluating the need of 3D printers across various industries and discovered that prototyping requirement of a designer and a product engineer is completely different. Former requires prototyping for better looks while the latter for checking the dimensions to see the correct position of spare-parts,” adds Swapnil. At present, a large number of manufacturers are leveraging Accucraft’s rapid prototyping in the designing phase of their product. “So far we have worked with over five major clients, including herbal medicine major Himalaya in prototyping their design,” adds Swapnil. On the B2C front, Accucraft dispatched close to 30 printers to individuals (designers and early adopters) across the country in the last two months. In terms of pricing, Accucraft’s studio version costs around Rs.80, 000 and the cost of industrial version varies given the requirement and involvement in the project. The company plans to produce easy technological solutions for mundane as well as specialized tasks. “We aspire to carve a niche for Accucraft as a smart and efficient producer which creates simple products with a profound technique,” adds Swapnil.

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