Lukup Media aims to revolutionise digital content through multi device streaming, unlimited storage and pay per view services

Lukup Media aims to revolutionise digital content through multi device streaming, unlimited storage and pay per view services

Saturday March 28, 2015,

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With content going digital, more and more households are opting to consume content through media other than just cable television. While the pay-per-view model is popular in the west, it hasn’t really caught on in India yet. Lukup Media, a “Made in India”company in the ‘Connected Devices’ sector, aims to change the way we consume digital content.

Lukup media

Lukup Media recently launched India’s first on-demand TV service powered by a connected device-- the Lukup Player. Poised to offer a first-of-its kind experience to consumers, the service aims to transform conventional TV viewing for Indian audiences.

Set up in 2010, Lukup Media designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and services its products. The company works with content providers and broadband providers to deliver its broadband based service that also brings a host of new entertainment channels to India. The company was founded by Kallol Borah who has a decade of experience in setting up and running new technology ventures in Europe and India. The company's co-promoter is Harsha Mutt who has more than 20 years of experience in running and scaling businesses and was part of the senior management team at Infosys and HCL Technologies.

Multi device streaming and unlimited storage

The Lukup TV service aims to deliver a large number of TV channels in addition to those available on cable and DTH platforms. These additional TV channels will have content from multiple genres including movies, shows, lifestyle and sports. Using the Lukup Player, consumers will also be able to stream content on more than one screen or device – TV screens, tablets, mobile phones, wireless speakers - at the same time. The service includes unlimited recording capacity starting from 500 GB which can be upgraded without limit. Users can also download content on their mobile devices which they can access offline. There are no minimum monthly subscriptions charges and users can pay per view. With the Lukup Player available online on Amazon, their Over the Top(OTT ) services are available for subscribers across India.

Curbing piracy

One ofthe many issues plaguing digital media in India and the rest of the world is- piracy. Most people engage in piracy either because they are not aware that it is illegal or because they are not able to afford the high cost involved in legally purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray disc to watch a movie.

With flexible plans such as monthly subscription channels and pay per view titles Lukup Media wants to make it easier for people to access digital content at affordable prices. Steve Jobs was able to successfully do this for the music industry by offering music at affordable prices on the iTunes and it worked out well for the music industry in the long run. Lukup Media aims to do this for all forms of digital content.

The Lukup Player

The Lukup Player available on, features a wireless, touch screen that allows users to search for and find content from live TV channels, video on demand platforms, internet services and personal media storage. The device has a 1920 x 1080p screen resolution, supports 3D content and runs on a 1.7Ghz processor with 1GB of RAM. It provides USB support and also HDMI and composite video input and output. The device is powered by a Li-ion battery, while the dock runs on 18W power supply.

Equipped with a multi-screen delivery feature, viewers can use the device to view different content on different screens at the same time. Priced at Rs. 9000 for the single screen Lukup Player S and Rs 12,660 for the multi-screen Lukup Player X, it comes with unlimited TV recording that allows users to view recorded content anywhere on a device of their choice.

Key Features

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-Search content from TV channels, on demand channels, audio-visual, pure audio and interactive content

-Stream to multiple devices. One TV through HDMI, a second TV using Wifi, music systems using Bluetooth, Mobile phones and Tablets and PCs using Wifi.

-Supports importing of online content into custom, personalized channels that users can create. Users can view recorded content on any connected device, anywhere or lock content and set up privacy controls.

-Users can operate it as a standalone device or connect to existing set top box to integrate TV channels into the TV Guide on the Player. If connected to a set top box, the player can be used as the set top box remote.

-Has an inbuilt Wi-fi router that enables other devices to tether to the Lukup Player for browsing.

Kallol Borah, Chief Executive Officer, Lukup Media said, “Our TV service is designed to meet the requirements of changing lifestyles and consumer behaviour where more and more people want their entertainment when they have time, on a device of their choice and even when they are travelling and away from home. We also want to bring content and channels not available to viewers in India currently and broaden their choice of content substantially.”

Harsha Mutt, Chief Financial Officer, Lukup Media, added, “The television and broadcast industry in India needs an overhaul since customers desire experiential content on a device of their choice, at a time of their liking. To cater to this demand, we are meticulously putting together an elaborate network for delivering content to our customers through an over the top (OTT) TV service. Our association with various content providers is a significant step forward in this direction.”

Website: Lukup Media

You can also check out their device on Amazon here