Announcing the Indiepreneur Short Film Festival

Announcing the Indiepreneur Short Film Festival

Monday July 06, 2015,

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At YourStory we strive hard to promote entrepreneurship in every way possible. We talk about million dollar companies and also look at the next door neighbor who has just started up for inspiration. To give vision to these dreams, we are launching the INDIEPRENEUR SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - A platform for all aspiring filmmakers and storytellers. Just grab your DSLR and capture a story of someone you know, someone who inspires you, someone who has defeated all odds to become what they are today.

The story should be a real life one. It could be of alady with a papad business on her rooftop, or of a student who has started his own coaching centre or it could even be a multimillionaire or a boutique owner.

Here is what you have to do. Take your DSLR and shoot a short film. Films shot on other mediums like mobile phones etc will not qualify.

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  • The film should be shot on DSLR.
  • It should not be longer than 5 minutes including credits.
  • Make sure the documentary has a minimum resolution of 720p. Anything below this will not be accepted.
  • There should be no obscene or inappropriate pictures, gestures, statements, or language.
  • The language should be English or Hindi(English subtitles mandatory if the language is Hindi). Subtitles can either be hardcoded in the video or you can send us the srt file.
  • Please upload your film to Dropbox and mail us the link at [email protected].

Also please mention in 300-500 words, what makes your character compelling? Why did you decide to make a film on him/her? Give us a little background about him/her. What they do?


Contact details of the person on whom the movie is based.

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address

Last date for submissions has been extended to 11th September 2015, 11:59 pm. The results will be announced in 3rd week of September.

There will be three awards:

  • Best film carries a cash award of Rs 50,000;
  • Second cash award of Rs 30,000;
  • Third cash award of Rs 20,000.

The decision of the jury will be final.

The winners will also get an opportunity to interact with industry veterans and learn the ropes from them.

You can register by filling the form below (click here to access the form if it is not visible).

For any queries please mail us at [email protected] with the word "Indiepreneur" in the subject line.