Nominate your favourite techies of 2015

22nd Dec 2015
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The year is almost done and we have profiled techies who were activists, students, CTOs of billion dollar companies and startups, and women who dared to dream big. This year we have profiled more women and will continue to do so. As the year closes we ask you to nominate your favorite techies of 2015.

Varun Khurana (Extreme Right), CTO - Grofers
Varun Khurana (Extreme Right), CTO - Grofers

Akshay Deo

Akshay comes from the small town of Solapur.He built his first app Omnidesk, a remote desktop app, which was recognised all over the world. He wants to build a true tech product out of India, something along the likes of Google Glass. Read more about him here.

Varun Khurana

Logistics is one of the biggest problems hampering the growth of startups.A lot of solutions have been tried and some worked too. Varun has tackled this issue more than once and is doing the same again at Grofers with technology. Read more about Varun here.

Vishal N Gowda

Vishal learnt Python as an experiment and helped built Klonio, world's first database versioning system. His journey from learning Python to implementing things with little mentoring is phenomenal. If you are looking at the journey of a techie from picking up a new technology to building amazing solutions in it, Vishal's story is the one to read.

Bhavna Kalra, CTO - UrbanPro
Bhavna Kalra, CTO - UrbanPro

Bhavna Kalra

Coming from a small city and being a woman, all the odds were stacked against Bhavna. Paving her own way and building a solution from scratch in US and in India, Bhavna is at the helm of technology at UrbanPro and is the go-to person for anything tech. Read more about Bhavna here.

Atif Haider

Coming from Gaya,a small town in Bihar, with both parents being teachers, Atif had a good atmosphere at home. Atif swears by LISP and wants to build a company like 37Signals. Atif believes in building a bootstrapped product. You can read more about his thoughts here.

Anand Prakash

Anand is a self-learner who learnt bug hunting when he didn't want to get placed en-masse with his entire batch at college. Anand has found bugs in almost all big platforms, be it Facebook or Twitter. He currently ranks as the third highest in the world in the Facebook Whitehat list. Click here to find out more about Anand.

Ayush Ghosh

Ayush is a programmer passionate about education and payments. He is a full-stack developer and has worked with companies ranging from BookMyShow to Razorpay. Skipping tuitions and learning at cyber cafes had paid off. As an engineer, Ayush taught courses at premier management institutes like XIMB (Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar). Read more about him here.

Darpan Saini

Darpan, during his early days, had built projects for BMTC, got a Masters at Carnegie Mellon and then went on to do his PhD at UCLA. It was during his time in US when he figured out the needsof small institutions and decided to help them. He launched cloud lending, a software platform for micro-finance businesses. Read more about him here.

Ankush Tiwari, SVP Engineering and MD, Mobiliya
Ankush Tiwari, SVP Engineering and MD, Mobiliya

Ankush Tiwari

Besides working on what would be later known as MMS and web browsers, Ankush had spearheaded the work on LiMo - Linux on Mobile, the first open source operating system for mobile phones before it was overtaken by Android. LiMo survived as Tizen and Ankush is once again building cutting edge technology in Mobiliya. Read more about Ankush.

Prajyot Mainkar

Prajyot is working hard to bring the Goa Android ecosystem on the map. When he witnessed a session on Android in Goa where everybody left before the end, Prajyot decided to work hard and change the culture and attitude of people towards technology. You can read more about Prajyot here.

Varun Aggarwal

Varun is the founder of Aspiring Minds, the company behind AMCAT. Varun takes his inspiration from genetics to solve problems. He cares deeply about uprooting ragging in educational institutions. He started CURE (Coalition to Uproot Ragging in Education) in 2001 to tackle this menace. You can find out more about him here.

Aniket Awati

Aniket is passionate about building things and has been building apps since the days of NokiaQt. His first app, a Sudoku solver, got over 2,00,000 downloads. Aniket built AppSurfer, an Android emulator for the web. They raised funding from One97 fund. At present, Aniket is building Twist, a hardware device which helps people to project their devices on TV. Find out more about Aniket here.

Sreelakshmi K.

When Sreelakshmi was introduced to coding, she started noticing patterns in programming. Be it security protocols for Android or content management systems. A personal situationpushed her to start ChangeTerra, a blood donor platform. Read more about her here.


Shahani Markus

Born into a family of doctors, Shahani left no stone unturned when it comes to accomplishments. When it comes to tech Shahani had to face discrimination at nearly every step in life. But she emerged strong, heading multiple posts under Government of Sri Lanka and working as an Advisor to Royal Government of Bhutan. Read more about Sahani here.

Amitabh Misra

Amitabh is ex-CTO of Snapdeal who goes the extra mile when he wants to get work done. Startinga career in chemical engineering, he quit his job soon and decided to join Infosys. A decision which would mark the foundations of his technological career. Read more to find out what happened next.

Amit Agarwal

Amit is the first professional tech blogger in the country. He is the founder of Labnol, India's first tech blog which is followed by over three million people globally. Amit looks for freedom when it comes to work and chooses to stay with his family in Agra. How this one man brought professional blogging to the front? Read on to find out.

Sreepriya Koppula

If not a coder, Sreepriya would have been a dancer. Sreepriya is an expert when dealing with pressure and has juggled maternity and built solutions at the same time. When she had her second child,Sreepriya decided to startup and built turnaround systems. To know what keeps her going, click here.

[Techie Tuesdays] What took Riyaz Ahemed Walikar to the hall of fame at Google, Facebook, Adobe, Mozilla and Twitter
[Techie Tuesdays] What took Riyaz Ahemed Walikar to the hall of fame at Google, Facebook, Adobe, Mozilla and TwitterRiyaz Ahemed Walikar

He was asked to take Electronics and Communication Engineering as computer science has no future. This did not deter him from learning the skills and authoring a 400-page book by his third year. Riyaz went on from a career in testing to head the Bengaluru chapter of Null and then finally was invited to speak at Black Hat conference. Click here to read more about Riyaz.

Vivek Padmanabhan

When Vivek completed his engineering, his teachers were relieved as they will not have to prepare anymore for his classes. At his workplace, Netcore Technologies, Vivek built systems which were used by Satyamave Jayate for their missed call campaign. Read more about Vivek here.

Lohith Vrushabendrappa

Innovation lies in his blood, from making technologies to saving smartphone screens and building communication protocols for devices, Lohith has done it all. He is the man behind the video editors on Samsung Galaxy phones. Read on to find out about more his exploits.

Lohith Vrushabendrappa

Harish Krishnan

Harish did not let competitionbother him. He was always ahead of it building products which were equivalents of Slack, Quikr and BookMyShow much before the market was ready for them. Read more about Harish here.

Prasanna Gokhale

Prasanna spent his entire career learning about networks and working to improve them. He has started up and made an exit. Unlike most entrepreneurs, Prasanna is excited to work at a corporate setup and is faring well handling technology for one of the biggest Internet Service Providers for South India. Read more about him here.

Amit Bhor

Amit landed his first job at a Linux-based startup with nothing but a promise to work on cool projects. Amit was the Chief Architect for Android at Motorola. He currently works on Walnut,an expense tracker app which does not require any input from the user. Read more about Amit here.

Badrinath Kulkarni - The man behind Redbus and Flatchat app
Badrinath Kulkarni - The man behind Redbus and Flatchat app

Badrinath Kulkarni

Badrinath is a name you cannot miss if you are an Android enthusiast from Bengaluru. Badrinath is the man behind the Redbus and Flatchat apps. He is also the founder of Bangalore Android User Group(BAUG). Read more about Badrinath here.

Karthik Balakrishnan

Karthik believes he just got lucky. This 22-yr-old kid from Vellore Institute of Technology is the brain behind the platform which built Save The Internet campaign used by millions of people to send mails to TRAI. To find out how he accomplished the scale, click here.

Shubham Malhotra

As a kid,Shubham created his own intercom system at home and then went on to making games which got over million downloads. At present, Shubham is the founder of TeeWee, a hardware product which helps control the TV via a smartphone. Click here to know more about Shubham.

Harishankaran K

Harishankaran is the Co-founder of HackerRank, formerly known as InterviewStreet. One of the first companies from India to be incubated at YCombinator. The team applied thrice to YCombinator before getting selected. Read on to find out what drives Hari.

Rajat Bansal - CTO, Hike
Rajat Bansal - CTO, Hike

Rajat Bansal

Rajat Bansal was almost sure he wouldn’t study medicine. Coming from a family of bankers, there was a high probability that he would’ve been in finance. But destiny had different plans for him. Click here to find out how they panned out for him.

Madhu GB

Born and brought up in a village near Shimoga, Madhu never wanted to get into the science stream. He believes he would have been a painter if not a techie. Madhu is building Augment, IFTTT for email. Click here to know more about Madhu.

Vikram Vincent

Vikram is an educational technology consultant and an activist who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fighting for freedom of information and equal rights. He is also a fitness trainer and a Shotokan karate martial artist. Click here to read more about him.

Rajat Upadhyaya

Born and brought up in Bengaluru, Rajat grew interested in computers when he saw one at his cousin’s place. This CTO of Urban ladder is a big-time open source enthusiast. Read on to know what drives him.

Subho Halder

From robotics to Android, Shubho's journey is nothing short of exciting. Shubho built the Android Framework for Exploitation, a framework similar to metasploit but later had to stop supporting it as people started misusing it. He took his passion for Android security and started Appknox. Read on to know more about Shubho.

Akshay Katyal

Computer Science was a second choice for Akshay. Born and brought up in Delhi, Akshay loved physics more than anything else and wanted to be a mechanical engineer. But destiny had other plans for him and he ended up being a software engineer. Read on to find out how this CTO of AboutNumber is changing the way you use your smartphone.

With colleagues at Bloomreach
With colleagues at Bloomreach

Vinodh Kumar

Vinodh is an AAP volunteer and has helped extensively in their Bengaluru campaigns. At present, he is the CTO and MD of Bloomreach India. Vinodh was instrumental in localising Google News. To know more about him, click here.

Monica Rastogi

Monica is the Co-founder of Tapcibo, a food delivery startup which makes sure you don’t have to tap more than three times to order your food. Monica takes care of technology at Tapcibo. To know more about what drives Monica, click here.

Mohit Saxena

Mohit is the Co-founder of InMobi, and an expert on building and scaling systems. He wrote the first ad server at InMobi and since then has been at the helm of the technology. To know more about this Maverick of Lucknow, click here.

Shamik Sharma

Shamik is a man of calculated words, visibly carrying two decades of experience and wisdom with him. What it takes to take care of technology and products at Myntra, this computer scientist tells us. Read more about Shamik here.

Rani Paruchuri

Coming from Lakshmipuram, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, Rani has worked hard and persevered long enough to make a name for herself in the services industry. But Rani persevered when things got tough and it paid off in the long run. To know what makes her come to work every day, click here.


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