Born with no arms, Swapna Augustine is an acclaimed painter from Kerala

Born with no arms, Swapna Augustine is an acclaimed painter from Kerala

Thursday December 17, 2015,

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Forty-years-old Swapna Augustine was born with no arms. However, this resident of Ernakulam stands out with her phenomenal achievements. Even as a child, she had made a habit of performing all tasks by herself. Swapna has since then cultivated unimaginable talents, including painting and drawing with her feet. Her confidence is awe-inspiring too.


Her talent for art was discovered when she was still a schoolgirl. She received ample support from her parents and teachers to pursue her dreams. “The whole credit for my achievements goes to the almighty and my parents who motivated me to fight against the challenges. We are all capable of achieving success, but we just forget to look beyond the obstacles that we face,” Swapna told 7pm status.


Actively involved in social activities, Swapna frequently exhibits her work among students and interacts with them. Her paintings have also been published in many students’ newsletters and youth magazines whom she continues to inspire.

Below are a few samples of her paintings. More such paintings can be found in the MFPA site.



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