[Techie Tuesdays] Tech Vaani –16 pearls of wisdom for 2016

[Techie Tuesdays] Tech Vaani –16 pearls of wisdom for 2016

Tuesday January 05, 2016,

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2016 is here, and what is a better way to start the year than revisit the stories of grit, determination, and perseverance. As the year begins, we revisit some of the lessons shared by our Techie Tuesdays in the past years.

Make sure you are not judging your success by the placement you get, your first job is just the launch pad. - Ankush Tiwari.
When you reach the top, never forget those people whom you met while climbing the stairs of success. – Prajyot Mainkar.
For success, see beyond technology. There are no shortcuts. If you want to make progress, you have to work hard. – Amitabh Misra.
The most important thing when it comes to life is the fact that if you are passionate, things are bound to work out in your favour. Be passionate and have your fundamentals right. – Bhavna Kalra.

[Techie Tuesdays] Amit Agarwal, the man who brought professional tech blogging to India
Be honest with the audience and do not pretend to know things you don’t know. – Amit Agarwal.
It’s all about learning. In the initial phases of a startup, iterating your product quickly is as important as scale. Keep your modules agile and choose technology which makes it easier to modify and iterate very fast. – Lohith Vrushabendrappa.
It’s a myth that an entrepreneur cannot work in a corporation. It’s all in the mindset. Scaling and processes are misunderstood in this case. – Prasanna Gokhale.

Honesty makes everything around you enriching. Working with people who are passionate and honest motivates me. If your actions and mind are aligned to your passion, you’ll be happy. – Harish Krishnan.
Be aware of the complexity of connectivity around us. Anything you do or say can cause a completely different event in a completely different part of the world. – Riyaz Ahmed Walikar.

At any point in life, you should have answers to two questions – what are you doing and why are you doing it. – Sreepriya Kopulla.
Always question conventional wisdom, regardless of the source. – Vivek N.
Evaluate the reason when people advice you, trace it back to where it is coming from (experience which leads to that advice), never take it at face value. – Yuvi Panda.

You should always be ready to unlearn and be humble. No matter how much you learn, there will always be one guy who will know more than you. Learn from everyone and be cognizant of the fact that we can learn. – Vivek Padmanabhan.
Always consider Tech first and Business second and make sure you have an understanding of the core technology behind your business. – Devendra Rane.

Be it a techie or a business mind, when you do something for the community, everyone benefits. – Arvind Ravi.
Don’t be a software engineer just because your parents want you to be one. Do what your heart says. – Karthik Bhat.