10 ideas to get the most out of your latest blog post

10 ideas to get the most out of your latest blog post

Friday July 08, 2016,

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After many hours of planning, you wrote an amazing blog. It got few hundred views, some social shares, and a couple of comments. You are pleased with yourself, but you shouldn’t be. As, your blog post could be worth a lot more. It can do a lot more for you in terms of:



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This article explains what exactly you ought to do to multiply the gains from your next blog post and all the ones after that. Just keep these actionable blog marketing points in mind, and you will do super fine:

Create a SlideShare out of blog content

Blog is a popular way to share your ideas and thoughts, but it’s not the only way. Platforms like SlideShare have recently gained mainstream acceptance when it comes to online content consumption. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to churn out one from your amazing blog post.

Here are some thoughts to get you started in the right direction:

  • Don’t try to make it too fancy with images. Keep it simple.
  • Focus on conveying your ideas in minimum text. Avoid clutter at all costs.
  • Do not aim for big slide count. Aim on conveying key points instead.

Share aggressively on social media

Share the blog post on Facebook and Twitter aggressively. Because one update will have the lifespan of an ant on platforms like Twitter, plan multiple updates and schedule them at different time slots to grab attention.

Pay heed to following while working on social angle:

  • Use apps like Buffer to schedule posts on multiple social media profiles.
  • Every blog post deserves at least five social updates per channel within seven days of publishing.
  • With every update, bring out a unique angle of your post.

Create images out of catchy text

If you have a knack for writing, then, your blog post will have hidden gems in the form of punch lines and quotes. They deserve special attention from your social media followers, and what better way to do this than superimposing them over images?

No, you don’t need to buy images from sites like Shutterstock to make this happen.

  • Buffer’s Pablo is a great tool to create such images.
  • Choose relevant backgrounds to add context.
  • Save such images for times of idea scarcity.

Convert that post into PDF

Blogs posts are great, but some like to consume and share content in different formats. PDFs have increasingly gained popularity for the diverse features it brings. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to convert your blog post into a PDF document.

Also consider,

  • Giving the option of downloading the post in PDF form.
  • Offer PDF versions of your detailed posts on your website.
  • Posting it on popular doc sharing platforms.

Spare time to create an infographic

Internet loves visual content, and there are strong reasons behind it. Visual media is easy to consume in comparison to plain lengthy text. That’s why top bloggers are adding images and memes in blog posts. And that’s also another reason why you should convert your blog post into an infographic.

Here are some helpful pointers to do the same:

  • Use Pinterest for infographic inspiration.
  • There are ample online tools to create one for free. My favorite is Canva.
  • Keep it simple and data rich because that’s the way people like it.

Tell influencers to share it

You will probably shed tears of happiness if someone with 100K Twitter followers shared your blog post. But chances of that happening are one in a million. That’s why you got to take steps for making that happen. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Use tools like Traackr or Twitter search to discover influencers of your industry.
  • Follow them on social platforms and try to make a natural connection.
  • Once you reach a level of bonhomie, make a mutually beneficially offer.

Make an engaging video

If the world is obsessed with something right now, it’s video content. From Facebook to The Rock, everyone wants to connect with their fans through videos. And that’s why a video version of your amazing blog should be out there.

  • Spare some hours to research video content being made in your industry.
  • Watch some video bloggers to get ideas about video creation.
  • Publish on YouTube for wider reach.

Spread the word about your guest post

Guest blogging introduces you to an engaged audience and gives an opportunity to make new connections. However, it would be worth the effort to spread the word about your guest post, especially if you got published on a high-value platform. The best way to do this is:

  • Communicating the same on your blog through a short post.
  • Sharing the news on social media profiles.
  • Interlinking the post in your upcoming posts.

Republish on authority sites

You must be thinking I have gone out of my mind with Google Panda around but republish is fine if your content host uses the “rel=canonical” tag to notify Google about the origin of the content, and where credit is due. By using this code, your content host makes the provision of no-indexing.

If your content is really interesting and brings unique thoughts, then, it won’t be wrong to contact offline magazine to republish it.

Link to older posts

There is a reason why top online publishers have hundreds of links on their posts leading to their past works. This is great practice in terms of user engagement, traffic diversion, and search engines. Therefore, I highly recommend you to link to older posts while writing your latest one. Here are some ideas for linking:

  • Interlink relevant posts only.
  • Spend time shortlisting your best posts and creating a natural connection.
  • Convey exactly what readers will get by clicking on the link.

Blogging is hard work.

The time when mediocrity appeared for highly relevant searches and got shared on social media has long passed. Now, only delivering real value grabs attention.

Doing all the above will help you maximise your blog reach. It will surely take time. And if you do it all, it will take more than you spend writing the post. But, it will be worth it.

Got any questions about anything I said? Post them in the comments and I will try my best to answer them.


(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)