10 things that happen when your sibling moves to another city

10 things that happen when your sibling moves to another city

Saturday August 13, 2016,

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Finally, you have the room to yourself, the TV remote, the family couch and anything else that you’ve had to share with your brother because he has moved out. After a very long time, you will have the luxury of not having to share the toilet with someone who needs to use it the very moment you step inside. If you didn’t share a room with your brother, all the better. You now have more space to spread out your possessions by staking claim to your brother’s room, and leave them lying around, especially if he’s a cleanliness freak you know it would irritate him.

But all this elation starts to wear off in a week or two at most. Soon, life feels very different. Quieter. Boring, almost! Deny it all you will but if you’re experiencing any of these 10 ‘symptoms’ listed below, then you’re missing the person you grew up with and not having him around makes you feel lost even at home1

#1 When mum cooks your favourite delicacy, it’s not as much fun anymore as there’s no one to annoy by making a contest out of who mum loves more based on whose favourite she cooks, and claiming, “Mum loves me more than you.”

#2 After all those years of arguing endlessly, you actually start taking his calls. And your phone bill shoots up with all those calls and heart-to-hearts made to your brother in another town or city.

#3 You start making plans for his trip home, and even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself or others, you are really looking forward to seeing him again.

#4 You enjoy listening to your parents sharing stories from your brother’s childhood without any protests from them.

#5 You no longer hate his friends. In fact, you feel a connection with them because you know they are also missing him, and you know what that feels like.

#6 At home, there is no one to help you sneak in past the curfew time so you start getting back on time. You’re on your own now, and it’s not as cool as you thought it would be.

#7 There is no one to give you a frame-by-frame rerun of your favourite TV show when you miss it.

#8 Your favourite show suddenly seems boring. Every time you watch a TV show that you loved and he hated, it seems less enjoyable, because there is no bickering and snarky comments coming your way.

#9 You’re the only offspring left at home, so you are expected to fulfil all the social duties that you were splitting between the two of you. Dinner with relatives and family friends are doubly tortuous because you have to grin and bear it all on your own.

#10 You have to ask Mum and Dad to loan you money and they never understand why you can’t manage with what you have, etc. etc. Your brother may have called you names, but he never asked why you needed the money.

But if it’s any relief, look at it from your brother’s point of view and you’ll realise you are still the one who has the best of both worlds. He’s out of your hair and you still have the hot meals, extra space, clean laundry and other creature comforts, while he’s probably missing out on these.

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