Charge up to ride into the future on the TORK T6X

Charge up to ride into the future on the TORK T6X

Monday October 17, 2016,

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Amidst the activity at TECHSPARKS 2016, there was a strong buzz around the release of the T6X, India's first premium electric motorcycle, from TORK Motorcycles.

After co-founder Kapil Shelke shared the story of how this ‘beauty’ was born, a rider rode the T6X on to the stage amidst flashing lights, and visuals that played up the sleek lines of the T6X in the background. The audience was audibly excited to see the future of riding unfold before them.

The T6X has been designed for everyday use and is powered by the ‘TIROS’ technology which offers a seamless experience for the rider. TIROS is the abbreviation for ‘TORK Intuitive Response Operating System’ that has been developed in house by TORK. TIROS can sync with the customer's Android or iOS device to communicate its health, range, service alerts and allow the rider to customize riding profiles. The T6X packs in other exciting features never seen before in the two-wheeler segment like onboard navigation, cloud connectivity, full digital display. All this coupled with quick charging (1 hour for 80% charge) puts this beauty in the league of internationally acclaimed Electric vehicles brands.


The battery is of the highest quality and may last up to 80,000 - 1,00,000 km. The T6X can cruise at speeds of 100 kmph.

Tork Motorcycles has already had its real-world test run: The Isle of Man TT, one of the world’s most prestigious motorcycle races, which was holding its first zero-carbon racing event that year, the TTXGP.

Pitted against larger and substantially better funded international teams, Tork Motorcycles’ TX01, with a top speed of 156 kilometres per hour (kmph), managed to reach the podium with a third-place finish in the first year itself. The second version TX02 was even quicker with top speed reaching 210 kmph and the T6X possess the same racing DNA.

In terms of cost, one could buy a new motorcycle from the cost saved during the entire life of the electric motorcycle. Shelke hopes to build multiple charging station across the country, but the cost of charging, however, may differ from state to state. A single charge lasts for 100 km of driving and the charging cost is likely to be Rs 20 in Maharashtra, which works out to a mere 20 paise per kilometre.

The TORK T6X has been priced at promotional price of 1, 24,999, and is open for pre-booking. TORK will soon make the T6X available for test rides.

Rev up. The future of riding is here.