5 strategies to help you make sure you never stop learning


If you want to succeed at what you do, you need to be dogged in your pursuit of knowledge in your field no matter how much of a maven you consider yourself. Consider yourself falling behind in your chosen area of work if you don’t keep learning; the world never waits for you. What you learn everyday may range from being trivial facts to profound insights, but regardless of what you learn, the point is you do learn every single day. But during the process of this learning, we may be tempted to quit in the face of adversity. Here, we see how to never quit learning something new and always keep our minds open to new ideas:

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Realise and accept the importance of learning

Expanding your personal and work brand requires a lot of reinvention, which you can make happen by your unquestionable desire to learn. A mind that is fully flush with new thoughts and ideas is a result of considerable reading and self-learning. It is essential for each of us to understand that augmenting our skillsets is a surefire way to set ourselves up for success.

Have the right mindset

If you could wield a magic wand and get all the resources required to master a new skill, it would still be incomplete without having the right mindset to acquire knowledge. If you have a mindset for growth, which is essentially the brains and acumen to thrive on challenging situations thereby stretching our present abilities, then you are on your way to greatness. Someone with a right mindset knows that learning is a gradual process; undergoing struggle is a sure-shot way to mastery. Whenever you think about quitting or giving up on acquiring a new skill, remember that it is only a matter of days before you learn the skill.

How do you like to learn?

Figuring out your preferred way of learning is the best way to go about acquiring knowledge. Some people would rather watch a YouTube video to learn something rather than pore over copious amounts of text. Some like to learn in groups while others prefer solitude. Some like to read aloud or scribble notes on a notebook while some would like to touch and feel to get a better sense. Some of the most common learning styles include visual learning, Physical learning, aural learning, linguistic learning, kinesthetic learning, mathematical learning, interpersonal learning, and intrapersonal learning. Try experimenting and learn which way of learning suits you best. Recall moments when you retained the most information from a learning session, this could be your style.

Get a mentor

Getting oneself a mentor is probably one of the most valuable pieces of advice when it comes to achieving any success in life. All of us are bound to go through times when we would rather quit, sit back and relax than spend time at a library or take action. Talk to someone who can give you genial advice, someone who possesses a perspective on your situation. Make them motivate you for good and strive for the next level of success. Having people to rely on is a good thing when you want to go out of your comfort zone to deal with a new set of challenges.

Set yourself up for public shaming as a motivational tool

Shaming is a term that usually has negative connotations, but it can also be used to create positive results. Let us say that you want to learn a new technology. Announce to the world on Facebook or Twitter that you will complete studying it and will post an article on your blog or make a video explaining what you studied. This acts as a reinforcement because you do not want to go down in the eyes of people who saw you make a public announcement. Not following up on your promise will invite ridicule from people.

Remember, the harder the struggle, the greater the story. In your dogged pursuit of knowledge, your gain is multifold, and this is what you should be thinking about when you would rather do the routine chores than take up new subjects to learn. Try following each of the points mentioned above to forge a successful career and life for yourself by being a learning machine.


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