Your personality reflects your potential for success

Your personality reflects your potential for success

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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Martin Luther King dedicated his life to fighting racism and succeeded. Ratan Tata’s name has always been synonymous with leadership and success. Sachin Tendulkar was known for his discipline and focus, thus hailed as ‘The God of Cricket’.

What do all these successful people have that have made them the way they are?


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Surely they didn’t turn to any rule book when their path got a little bumpy. Their success was a reflection of their personalities and potential. They dared to showcase them at the right time and place. Here are 10 personality traits of the successful:

They carve out their own destiny

A lot of lazy people just blame their stars and say they were just destined to be this way or that. But really, you make your own luck. Have you heard of how luck meets opportunity? Successful people make the most of the opportunities that cross their way.

They are curious and learn from others

They aren’t afraid of approaching the people whom they think are right. Networking is key and learning is even more important. They take constant feedback and are hungry for knowledge. They are also ever ready to help people who approach them.

They are balanced and always in control

Successful people know that nothing is worthwhile if something has to be sacrificed for the betterment of another. Balance in life means keeping a tab of everything for your well rounded development. Be it family, career, friends, or leisure, everything needs to be nurtured in the right amount. Once you feel there is a balance in your life you automatically have everything in control.

They make the most of their 24 hours

They understand that there are 24 hours in a day and use it productively. They also value other people’s time. It is a sign of showing respect. By keeping this in mind, they get a lot done in a day.

They make things happen

They know how to create and also make it happen regularly. While people are just waiting, successful people take the initiative and go one step forward. That way they save a lot of time and energy. It also benefits other people in the long run.

They set realistic targets

They wake up every morning with a set purpose in life. They know that they have to accomplish something but are not over eager about it. While they set their targets they also know their limits and work accordingly.

They reinvent to keep up

Successful people check what’s trending and make changes accordingly. They are in constant touch with the changing world and embrace it with open arms. Their thought process is refreshed regularly.

They trust their gut

They take time to introspect and give themselves space and time at regular intervals. This gives them the power to trust their intuition. The gut feelings that you get are a reflection of what you have learnt and experienced throughout the years.

They are courageous

Successful people aren’t afraid of the obstacles that may come their way. They are prepared to face the challenges and look at it as a learning experience. They know that roadblocks are inevitable and with a bit of thought and hard work it can be surpassed effectively.

They strive for excellence

No matter what and how long it takes they aim for the best. Striving for excellence is a common trait in all successful people.

So why would you settle down for mediocre when you have the potential to be extraordinary?