How to not be the office buzz-kill

How to not be the office buzz-kill

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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Do people change the topic when you walk into a room or ask you to stop with your rude comments outright? If so is the case, you might be on your way to becoming your office buzz-kill. A buzz-kill can be defined as someone who spoils an otherwise enjoyable event by annoying others with negative and irritating comments and actions. If you've unknowingly turned into someone who has nothing nice to say and is constantly ruining everyone's mood, you might have to take a deeper look into yourself. Here's a quick guide on how you can avoid being the office buzz-kill.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

List things that give you joy

This list doesn't necessarily have to reflect your bucket list. It can contain the small joys of life like ordering your favorite dessert or going to the movies with your friends. Pen down these things and keep the paper where you can see it. This way, if you sense your mood turning sour, take a look at the list and decide on doing any one thing that will make you happy. If you remain content, those around you will enjoy your presence too.

Focus on what you like about yourself

Every time you are down and have an urge to snap at others, count your five best traits in your head. Don't center these traits on your physical appearance. Instead, focus on your inner qualities. This will make you realise what makes you a good person and how you can continue being yourself by not turning into someone you don't recognise.

Be grateful

When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to acknowledge all that you are grateful for. Make this an everyday ritual. Think of all the people who love you and everything that is going right in your life. When you count your blessings on a daily basis, you are filled with positivity. Very few things can bring you down when you are happy on the inside.

Indulge in a fun activity

Not everybody gets to do the job they love. In such a scenario, getting through five working days can become taxing. To keep yourself happy, enroll for an activity you love or one you have always wanted to learn. This can be dancing, baking or even sky diving. When you have something to look forward to, your office shenanigans won't bring you down easily.

Take a few minutes to just exist

Did your senior tell you off for no fault of yours? This happens all the time. But it doesn't mean you spoil your mood and everyone else's too. When you feel like you're losing your calm, pick a quiet spot, close your eyes, and just relax. No gadgets. No friendly colleagues. Just you. This practice will rejuvenate you instantly.

Nobody likes to associate with someone who is a grouch and who can't keep their mood in check. Use the above mentioned methods and you're sure to transform from an office buzz-kill into someone who is liked by everybody.