The importance of discipline in a startup

The importance of discipline in a startup

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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A lot of individuals today harbour an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether they are professionals who have been working for most of their lives or recent graduates, they dream of entering the business world and creating their own unique products to sell. While starting your own business may not be an impossible idea, it takes a lot of discipline to get it off the ground. No matter how great your concept for a startup is or how many investors are backing your project, if you lack discipline, your innovative business plan will remain just that – a plan. Here's why a strong sense of regulation and control is imperative for your startup to succeed:

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Discipline lays foundation

The beginning few years are most crucial to your business. If you're working from home, you need to be disciplined enough to set down ground rules about your work hours. You don't want friends and family popping in for a cup of coffee and distracting you from your day's task list. Similarly, if you have a small team working for you, ensure that your work environment is fun yet firm at the same time. You don't want to be a boss that only talks about work all the time. But you also don't want your employees to feel that they can have extended lunch hours and continue playing foosball whenever they feel like it.

Discipline makes one more mindful

When you become aware of how important time is, you'll develop a different approach to the way you do things. You'll not only value your time but also respect the time of others, which will eventually lead you to having a reasonable chance to achieve your goals and realise your full potential. You'll become mindful of how your time is used or abused, invested or wasted, controlled or simply whiled away at random. Once you've understood how you can save time by assigning certain tasks to others or how you can finish a particular job more quickly, you'll become more disciplined and controlled.

Discipline leads to action

Every business requires three stages of action, the first being the process of implementation. The second action involves following through, and the third action is completing what was started. When you decide to kickoff your own business, you need to take steps to make it a reality. This involves ample hard work and discipline. For most people, the euphoria of creating something new helps them to start things easily. However, it is following through that is usually the hard part. Relying on willpower alone will not help you. You need to create a schedule and have the discipline to stick to that schedule in order to make your startup a raging success.

Jumping aboard the startup bandwagon is easy but sticking it out when times get tough requires immense discipline and training. However, if you have the perfect idea, a good dose of motivation, and the right people to lean on, your startup will witness a favorable outcome.