4 skills every great marketer should possess


The world of marketing has evolved drastically, and while the fundamentals of marketing remain immovable, the knowledge base and skill set required for this field is constantly evolving. The explosion of digital marketing has created hundreds of specialised roles for marketing professionals. While one marketer might be an expert in mobile marketing, another might know all about compelling SMS campaigns. However, if you focus all your energies on only one area, your lack of awareness about the wide world of marketing will make you fall short of being an excellent marketer. Here are four skills every great marketer must possess.

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Writing eye-catching copy

In today's world of information overload, it is imperative to write copy that is short, concise, and original. If your marketing message isn't to the point and is inconsistent with your brand, it will not evoke any reaction from your audience. If you need to test your potential candidate for his copywriting skills, give him a sample test on the spot. Then, evaluate his test by thinking like a potential customer. If the copy is compelling enough to make you give the brand some thought, you know you've got a potential hire right there.

Knowing your audience

A great marketer is aware of the audience he is catering to. He doesn't just collect data numbers to present to his seniors but also has one-on-one conversations with customers to understand their review of the product. He knows that for any marketing organisation to be successful, the employees need to have an innate understanding of their target market. Every great marketer is aware that becoming the voice of a customer is more valuable than simply gathering survey reports.

Understanding social media

Most businesses are online today. Therefore, if you want to have the latest understanding of this field, you need to be present and active on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is because businesses grow and thrive on the medium of interactions and sharing. You might not be a social media guru but if you know how to successfully navigate through LinkedIn or how to create a Pinterest board, you can learn the rest of the ropes on the job.

The process of constant learning

Marketing, just like any other field, is evolving at a rapid pace owing to constant changes in customer behaviour and the internet. This means marketers have to be open to learning about new and evolving marketing trends. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available online and all it takes is the inclination to excel in your field to reach out to that information. According to Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder of TOPO, “The marketing you learn in school or in books is much different than how marketing actually works. You can never know enough.”

Specialisation is essential in today's marketing milieu, but general knowledge is just as important. Make sure you master the above-mentioned skills to develop a broad awareness of this field.


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