Why the Dire Straits Experience concert is going to be way more than just good music!

Why the Dire Straits Experience concert is going to be way more than just good music!

Friday March 03, 2017,

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Music is powerful.

Each of us connects with some kind of music at different emotional levels. And Seagram’s 100 Pipers has been putting this to great use through their #PlayForACause initiative.

For several years now, music concerts have been a great platform for organisations to raise awareness about social problems that need attention and support from global audiences, while also connecting the artistes to their huge fan base across countries.

This time, the #PlayForACause initiative is bringing British music legends, the Dire Straits Experience, to India for their debut tour in the sub-continent. The classic band is slated to perform in Gurgaon and Bengaluru, on March 17 and March 19, respectively. This is the band’s first appearance on Indian stages and they are playing for a cause to provide for sustainable drinking water in Rajasthan villages.

The Dire Straits Experience shows in India will feature band members Chris White (saxophone, percussion and vocals), Chris Whitten (drums) and Terence Reis (lead vocals and guitar). Talking about their maiden trip to India, band member Chris White said, “

India has always been on our list and we are very excited. Our two-city tour in India, in Gurgaon and Bangalore, is to support the 100 Pipers ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative to provide water to villages in Rajasthan. The power of music is incredible and it brings together people across nations and cultures. We are happy to become a part of this great event which is bringing music and artists together to make a difference to society.

The 100 Pipers ‘Play for a Cause’ has been committed to making a difference to society for a while now. Mr. Jagbir Singh Sidhu, Vice President, Marketing at Pernod Ricard India said, "

"The last couple of years we have partnered with more than 400 leading artists across India and the world, supporting the affected in the Kashmir flood, Nepal earthquake, Cyclones and also adopting social causes like poverty by providing sustenance support to the underprivileged. This time we have planned to help the villages in Rajasthan. We are very proud of Dire Straits Experience and thankful to them in partnering with us to help the cause and 'Be Remembered for Good'."

Fans from both cities are very excited to see the band perform. Shahbaz Wasee, a fan from Bengaluru, is hoping that they’ll play Romeo & Juliet.

I was in grade 11 when I asked out the love of my life. This song was on my playlist all the time because it’s “our” song. Our love story grew on the song, so I can’t wait to witness it live!”

The Dire Straits Experience fans are very happy that their favourite band is playing for a good cause. Soham Sanyal says,

I can certainly see where it would be an advantage in terms of awareness. 100 Pipers is doing a wonderful job! Plus a band like Dire Straits Experience with such a large following can definitely shed light on causes that might otherwise go unnoticed.”

So, attend this concert and don’t miss this opportunity to do your bit in improving the lives of some fellow Indians. Besides, it’s not every day that you get the chance to see the Dire Straits Experience performing live.

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