5 habits of unlikeable people


Whether you believe it or not, being likeable is extremely important to your success. A lot of individuals believe that being liked has to do with how physically attractive or how social one is, but those are not the only reasons why people like other people. Characteristics like transparency, sincerity, and understanding make a person likeable in the eyes of others. Being likeable has to do with your emotional intelligence and is therefore under your control. Through this article we hope to uncover few of the key behaviours that will make people dislike you. Make sure you don't harbour these characteristics.

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Modest bragging

A lot of people brag behind the mask of self-deprecation. For example, when your colleague says that he's torturing himself daily by following a rigid diet, he's actually drawing attention to how fit he keeps himself. Those who indulge in modest bragging feel that the self-deprecating mask they wear hides their true intentions, but in reality everyone sees right through it. This makes the bragging all the more frustrating because it isn't just boasting, it's an attempt to mislead.

Name dropping

People don't like people who are desperate for attention. Dropping names of important people in every conversation shows that you have nothing interesting of your own to offer. It also makes you come across as silly and pretentious. If you speak in a confident and friendly manner, people are more likely to take a liking to you that when you constantly try to prove how important you are.

Being set in one's ways

Open-minded people are instantly liked. When you are approachable and open to what people have to say, you welcome people to come and speak with you. Nobody likes an individual who is judgmental and unwilling to listen. If you are plagued with pre-conceived notions even before a conversation starts, you are unable to form new ideas and view things from someone else's perspective. Start by seeing the world through other people's eyes and you'll understand what makes each person tick.

Being unable to put down your phone

Nothing can turn a person off as much as sending a text message or quickly glancing at your phone in the middle of a conversation. When you are talking to someone, it is only respectable to look them in the eye and speak. Don't commit to a conversation if you can't focus all your energies on sustaining it.

Sharing your whole life on social media

Those who over-share about their lives on social media are known to crave acceptance from their peers in real life. Nobody wants to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and how many times in a day you walk your dog. Occasional sharing can be an important form of expressing oneself, but sharing every detail of your life just turns people off.

Start by building an awareness of how your actions are perceived by other people and you'll be well on your path to self-discovery. This, in turn, will make you a more likeable individual in your personal and professional life.