Solopreneurship: how to do it right

Solopreneurship: how to do it right

Monday May 15, 2017,

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A solopreneur is defined as a business owner who runs their business alone. Being a solopreneur is like running a one man or one woman show. Frankly speaking, you will literally be running while trying to juggle everything on your own. Meetings, work, breaks, and bills will all be handled by you. It requires a lot of will power and commitment to take the plunge and deep dive into this experience. This is why you need to be focused and ensure that you make use of your time in the best possible way. Having said that, the rewards are tremendous and you do have the flexibility to change things your way.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Another area to be handled (and not to be bothered about) is what people think of you. Call it their ignorance or lack of knowledge, there will be several gossip mongers who will want to pull you down by enquiring whether you still have a job. There will be others who will also just not get what you are trying to build no matter how many times you explain it to them. Well, who are you to convince them after all? Just turn a deaf ear to that!

For now, take a look at these tips to become a smart solopreneur on your way:

Don’t go by stereotypes

Just because you are called a solopreneur, it doesn’t mean that you should be someone who loves isolation. In fact, to run a business successfully, one has to meet people and network constantly.

Explore your freedom

One of the primary advantages is that you have the freedom to develop your own methods. Of course, you will be accountable for anything that happens, but on the other hand, you do not have to spend time and effort looking into team members’ concerns. If you are trying to do something in an unconventional way, take advantage of your space and go ahead.

Focus on one thing

This is easier said than done. It is especially hard when you can’t tell another person to share your work or handle a bit of your responsibility. The more you concentrate on one thing at a time, the more work you will get one. Ignore unnecessary ails, calls, and messages. Also, while working on one task, do not think about what you have planned to do two hours later.

Celebrate every success

Your milestones and accomplishments need to be celebrated and shared. Since you may not have a team or people around you, ensure that your wins and successes are celebrated with friends, family, or relatives.

Look out for the right space to work

It might seem economical to work from home. However, if you feel it makes you monotonous, you may want to consider getting into a co-working space or any other space to make sure that you get the best work done in the most productive way.

Meet other solopreneurs

Meeting like-minded people will help you get insights about your work. This will help you expand your business. Also join forums and communities where you can share your ideas and interact with people.

Over and above, patience and commitment are mandatory to get what you are really working hard for.