Mirror, mirror on the wall, can I check Facebook or make a call?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can I check Facebook or make a call?

Tuesday August 01, 2017,

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Nuovotec’s Smart Mirror is a touchscreen and voice-enabled device that lets you book a cab, catch up with emails and social media, and watch videos as you check your appearance. The startup has sold 100 mirrors since the February 2017 launch and is targeting a turnover of Rs 25 crore by the next financial year.

As children, everyone wanted the magic mirror in the German fairy tale Snow White to know who was the “fairest in the land”. Now that we’ve grown up, here comes a mirror that’s packed with more magical powers.

Check out the Smart Mirror, a touchscreen and voice-enabled mirror that shows users their social profiles, notifications, emails and Youtube videos. It also lets you keep an eye on the weather or time, book a cab, catch up on the news or check on how much time you'll need to drive to your destination. And of course, it lets you see how you’re looking.

Nuovotech’s Smart Mirror
Nuovotec’s Smart Mirror

The mirror comes from Nuovotec, a brand promoted under Prasoon Shrivastava’s HelpMeBuild.

Prasoon, 37, is based in Jabalpur and completed his graduation in Architecture and Planning from Mumbai University. He started HelpMeBuild, which he calls one-stop solution for architectural and interior ideas and project execution, in 2015 and Nuovotec, the outcome of his interest in technological advancements, was born in 2016.

Powered by a customised Linux-based operating system, Smart Mirror can be operated by its chat bot feature through the mobile app and the voice command feature. After buying and installing the mirror, it’s essential to download the Nuovotec Smart Mirror app for a one-time registration through a secure QR code.

Once the user signs in, s/he can activate different apps like Facebook, Twitter, emails, YouTube, news, Google Maps, Uber and Calendar for notifications and accessing. The services of the Smart Mirror aren’t restricted only to one person; it offers multi-user accessibility for all members in a home. If a user doesn’t want anyone to view their profiles on the mirror when they are away, s/he can deactivate/hide those apps from anywhere through the mobile app.

Building the magic mirror

An investment of Rs 1 crore was infused in Nuovotec as seed capital. Most of it has gone into product building, infrastructure, team building, product, and operations.

Prasoon says the journey to an innovation in a particular stream is never easy, especially when the technology is new. Working on an IoT product, that too a Smart Mirror, had its ups and downs from the technological and hardware point of view.

“We have invested an ample amount of time in R&D and are proud to say that all this has been possible due to our dynamic and hardworking team,” he says.

Nuovotec found its first taker for Smart Mirror on the very day of its launch at a high-end kitchen showroom in Gurgaon.

“We received a huge applause from the audience at the launch. Since the mirror was installed in a kitchen setup, users could see the usage possibilities - they could watch desired videos on the mirror while cooking,” Prasoon says.

Part of the architecture and interiors industry for more than a decade, new technologies were a part and parcel of Prasoon’s life. The IoT awakened a lot of interest in him and he tried his hand at building automation. Working on various products triggered the idea of the Smart Mirror, which could be a hub for all automation devices and could be controlled by a mobile app from anywhere in the world.

Prasoon and his team started working on the Smart Mirror tech in September 2016. The prototype was developed in December 2016, after which testing and enhancements took two more months. The product was launched in February 2017.

Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder, Nuovotech
Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder, Nuovotec

Nuovotec Smart Mirror is available in four sizes - 24”, 32”, 42” and 55” - and pricing starts at Rs 65,000. The frame is customisable as per the décor needs in a home or as per customer demand.

Prasoon says more than 100 people have bought the Smart Mirror since the February launch.

Expansion is on the cards

The startup has more than 15 people spread across management, tech and operations with geographical presence in Delhi-NCR. As a part of its expansion plans, Nuovotec plans to expand to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad in this financial year.

It also aims to enter the IoT space for home and building automation and is planning a series of products and devices that will let home owners, building admins and managers control the space from anywhere. Be it lighting/temperature control, security management, energy/water management or comfort, just a couple of clicks will do it.

According to 6Wresearch, India’s IoT market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 28.2 percent during 2016-22. The market is being driven by the initiatives taken by the government, growing acceptance of smart applications, and increasing internet penetration across the country.

The Indian government has launched various projects such as 100 smart cities project for the adoption and implementation of IoT.

Prasoon feels that getting into the hardware space enabled with artificial intelligence technology “will take time”.

“Our prime focus this financial year is to achieve sustainability through products selling, customer services and through a complete package of design and build solutions through Nuovotec. We aim to achieve a turnover of Rs 25 crore by the next financial year through our design and build services and smart IoT products,” Prasoon says.

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