Job-hunting? Surveys suggest these are the best time to post on LinkedIn

Job-hunting? Surveys suggest these are the best time to post on LinkedIn

Monday August 28, 2017,

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Is it that time of your professional life, when jumping ships will provide your career the much-needed springboard? Burnt out at your present job and looking for better prospects? In search of that career defining move? Look no further sir/ma’am, LinkedIn is here to cater to all your professional aspirations.

Over the years, LinkedIn has become the social media linchpin for professionals and today can boast of a user-base of about 500 million, with about 10 million active job posts. The social networking platform for professionals has an extensive and seemingly infinite reach, which guides in searching, recruiting and even keeping up-to-date with matters of the business world. According to a survey, carried out by the company itself, LinkedIn provides for about 85 per cent of the world’s skilled labour recruitment.


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To this end, it is mandatory for all those subscribing to LinkedIn, to understand the hacks of using the account to ensure maximum views and responses. And for this, here are a few factors that they should remember.

Location of audience

Any social media strategist will tell you that for a post to do well, it needs to be in tune with the time and location of the target audience. For instance, if you are trying to reach out to Silicon Valley workers, you need to publish your content according to the Pacific Times Zone.

Tuesday and Thursday

According to a survey carried out by HubSpot, the best days to post on LinkedIn are mid-week, between Tuesday and Thursday. On these particular days, the survey noted that the posts that fared the best are the ones that aligned with the rough commute-time of its target audience, which is anywhere between 7.30-8.30 am and 5-6 pm. Posts that are released during lunch hour, which is usually at 12pm, also do significantly well. On Tuesdays, posting between 10-11 am is also highly recommended.

Before and after work hours

As per the company’s in-house analytics, the best time to post on LinkedIn in the morning is before work and during lunchtime and early evenings after the workday has commenced. They base this prediction on the theory that users are more attuned to the app during these particular time-frames, as they do not have to divert their attention to work. At the same time, the worst time to post on LinkedIn is between 10pm and 6am, considering user-activity is the lowest during this window, for practical purposes like sleeping.