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How to get the best from millennial employees

How to get the best from millennial employees

Wednesday October 25, 2017 , 3 min Read

As millennials take upon the habit of defying archaic white-collar regulations, many managers today are perplexed about how to handle this new generation of renegades. This new generation holds the reputation of being opinionated and tech-savvy who were raised on constant praise, whether they deserved it or not. They don't like taking orders and they have no fear of job-hopping whatsoever. Millennials can therefore be a handful for any employer.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

If you want to go beyond simply managing your millennial workforce and get the best out of them, here are five tips you should keep in mind.

Keep them in the loop

Informing your millennial employees about key events in your company, is a sign of trust and valuing their contribution. As millennials seek for meaningful and value-added opportunities, it would be advisable to explain the company's vision and goals to them. Therefore, if you want them to put their best foot forward, help them understand their role in the larger scheme of things.

Allow them to innovate

Chaining millennial employees to their desk and burying them in monotonous routines is the fastest way to ensure they hand in their resignation. If you want your millennial worker to be truly useful, you need to loosen the reigns and leave room for innovation. Passion flows when ideas are heard and seriously considered. Millennials wield their magic when they are part of the building process.

Provide regular feedback

No generation responds to feedback as well as millennials do. If they are not doing something right, show them how they can better their technique. If they are doing a good job then let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Timely feedback not only works as encouragement, but it also lets people know that they are being noticed. Keep an open line of communication to let your millennial workforce know how they are doing and how they can improve.

Offer flexibility

Millennials crave work-life balance more than anything else. With an all-time access to the internet, this tech-savvy generation can work anytime from anywhere. Offer them occasional telecommuting and flexible schedules to keep them motivated. If they have proved their ability to work outside the office, grant them the freedom to do so.

Embrace your differences

The millennial generation is by far the most tolerant generation you will ever come across. Their altruistic attitude makes it easy for them to understand others, even if differences do exist. As managers, learn to reciprocate the tolerance of your millennial employees with patience of your own. If you share different views on a matter, try to understand their perspective and reach a common solution.

Allow your young employees to take initiative, be innovative and create something of their own. Use the above mentioned five tips to better understand this generation and to help them give their best in the workspace and beyond.

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