Four online magazines and newsletters every millennial startup founder and entrepreneur should follow in 2018


Sign up and bookmark these four online magazines and newsletters to have a super successful 2018.

The millennial generation is in full gear right now. Being in the driving seat of action, they are taking the world by storm with their trailblazing achievements.

Surely by the looks of it, this generation is promising a potential which can usher the world into a new era of transformation. The statement catches a special meaning in the world of entrepreneurship where millennials like Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Speigel, and Brian Chesky are changing the way people live, socialize and do business.

Now, this on-going transformation can be a little too strenuous for some of us looking to get into the world of entrepreneurship and tech. Yes, there are tons of mediums out there through which we can keep up with the news but let's be honest with ourselves. They are too generic and bland to appeal to the needs and aspirations, unique to a millennial mind. We need something which understands us, gives us things we are interested in and speaks our lingo.

Based on that, here are the top four online magazines, publications, and newsletters started by millennials and geared towards the needs of millennial startup founders and entrepreneurs.

The four magazines in the list will cover everything from the business news, to actionable growth hacks to self-development and mindset strategies, all custom-made and tailored for millennial entrepreneurs.

1) Influencive

Influencive is focused towards action takers who believe in getting things done. The magazine is known for giving real-world actionable strategies, separating it from all the fluff which other mainstream media channels indulge in.

The tone of the magazine is crisp, straightforward and applicable to resonate with its millennial audience base. The subjects range from quick self-development tips, mindset hacks, how-to’s to hot topics in tech like blockchain.

Brian D. Evans and Clinton Senkow, the founders of Influencive are both millennial thought leaders with an avid interest in all the latest developments in tech (all blockchain enthusiasts, I highly recommend you follow them). Apart from the founders, the magazine along with its related masterminds and meet-ups is a hub for a lot of young business influencers in the industry.

2) Foundr

Foundr is known for giving strategies and leadership advice from internationally renowned business stalwarts such as Sir Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, Daymond John, and so on. Its founder, Nathan Chan started the magazine to focus on young and aspiring entrepreneurs who are at an early stage of their business journey. Based on that, the content of Foundr is tailor-made for bootstrapped founders giving them a community to grow forward with applicable growth hacks, mindset tools and above all, high-value business advice from some of the greatest self-made business icons of the world.

You will frequently find entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris, Neil Patel, and Tony Robbins gracing the Foundr cover art. Apart from this, the magazine also heavily focuses on niches like e-commerce, influencer brand building and Instagram as a growth channel. They also host free webinars on the same. The aim of the magazine is to open closed avenues shut down by conventional education, by giving the strategies of some of the most successful people in the world.

3) The Hustle

Different from others on the list, The Hustle is an e-mail newsletter product. The content packs up youthful quirkiness along with pun-filled humour to give you the latest happenings in business and tech in a very conversational sort of way. It basically picks up the latest hot business topics of the day and sums each one up in maximum six-seven lines in a very easy to understand language, free of jargon.

All of this inside one email which you get every day. Here is an actual recent headline from The Hustle - "What the hell is net neutrality?" The headline is then followed by six-seven lines elaborating the headline, and in this particular case, it is then followed by a cool animated GIF (Yes, a GIF!). The founder Sam Parr started The Hustle from a conference based business, where he found that his emails for promoting the same were reaching far more people than the actual conference ever would. Seeing the potential, he established a brand which now has become our cool up with the time's friend, giving us the conventional news in an unconventional way in an intimate medium - our ever so valuable inbox.

4) Addicted 2 Success

Addicted 2 Success acts like a daily motivational pill for young hard-working entrepreneurs who are seeking inspiration in their life and looking to fight strenuous situations. By providing them inspiring stories and actionable tips to promote positive thinking, Addicted 2 Success plays a critical role in bringing positivity back into entrepreneurship which is otherwise often seen as a difficult and rough career choice. The magazine boasts a lot of high-quality motivational videos, interviews with famous life coaches, quotes and actionable strategies for personal development. The founder of the magazine, Joel Brown, focuses on a theme which inspires people to move forward in their entrepreneurial journey, giving them workable tools for self-development.

Apart from the online magazine, Addicted 2 Success also has a podcast where Joel interviews famous motivational speakers and entrepreneurs like Ryan Holiday, Grant Cardone and Eben Pagan.

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