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Full lineup and agenda revealed for DevSparks 2024, India's groundbreaking developer summit

Take a look at the stellar lineup of speakers and sessions, custom workshops, and networking opportunities lined up at DevSparks 2024 on May 4, 2024 in Bengaluru.

Full lineup and agenda revealed for DevSparks 2024, India's groundbreaking developer summit

Friday May 03, 2024 , 4 min Read

YourStory's first-ever developer summit, DevSparks 2024, is less than 48 hours away, and we are thrilled to reveal the full lineup of speakers and sessions for the conference scheduled on May 4, 2024, in Bengaluru.

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Here’s a look at everything the event has to offer:

Stellar lineup of speakers and sessions

1) Navigating a future of work in the age of AI

Surojit Chatterjee shares his vision on the nature of human work in the age of AI and explores the latest tech developments in building a future driven by AI employees.

Speaker: Surojit Chatterjee, Founder & CEO, Ema Unlimited

2) Empowering devs to build a tech-first India

Learn how India's developer and engineering talent can access digital public infrastructure and other scalable, indigenous technologies to transform India into a global tech powerhouse.

Speaker: Pramod Varma, Co-Founder, FIDE & ex-Chief Architect, Aadhaar and India Stack

Moderator: Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO, YourStory Media

3) Spotting developer opportunities in AI and real-time tech for hyper-growth

Discover all the drivers of rising tech adoption in India and understand how event-driven architectures are bringing scalability, cost efficiency, custom monetisation strategies, and more to apps built to address this region.

Speaker: Todd Greene, Co-Founder & CEO, PubNub

4) AI: Supercharging developer workflows

Unravel how developers are leveraging AI for hyperscaling innovation and automating workflows, and smartly using the tech across search, chatbots, text, audio, video, and more


Dale Vaz, CEO, Aaritya

Mukesh Jain, CTO, VP & Global Head of People Analytics, Capgemini

Malavika Natu, SI Partner Sales Engineering Leader, Snowflake

Puneet Vyas, Managing Director, UBS

Moderator: Madanmohan Rao, Research Director, YourStory Media

5) Empowering developers for India’s AI-first future

Join India's mission to become a global product and tech leader, and discover the latest AI tech devs can leverage to build world-class products. Also, watch out for an Ola Krutrim product launch for Indian developers.

Speaker: Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder, Ola

Moderator: Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO, YourStory Media

6) The art and science of building disruptive technology & enabling APIs

MapmyIndia’s Rohan Verma reveals the essential strategies for building relevant, scalable products that are capable of disrupting the global status quo, and whose APIs enable all developers to build their own innovations for the market

Speaker: Rohan Verma, CEO & ED, MapmyIndia

To view more sessions, please visit the DevSparks 2024 website.

Customised workshops for developers

1) Discovering and deploying open and third-party models on Vertex AI

With over 130 models on one platform, explore how Vertex AI Model Garden transforms AI lifecycle management, from experimentation to scalable deployment. Discover efficiency with an end-to-end example of how to find models, manage data, configure endpoints, and deploy models as scalable APIs.

Speaker: Prashanth Subrahmanyam, Manager, Developer Advocacy, Google Cloud

2) Gemini: Simplifying master data management to get deterministic, generative insights

There is a need for precise, predictable outputs for critical Master Data Management tasks like address completion, standardisation, deduplication etc. Gemini 1.0 Pro, BigQuery and Cloud Functions allow you to deterministically control elements of the AI’s response. This workshop covers a simple data management use case and demonstrates how Gemini helps with relatively reliable AI.

Speaker: Abirami Sukumaran, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

3) Next-gen innovation for AI-cloud integration

Explore cutting-edge advancements in the integration of AI and cloud technologies. Learn strategies including model playground demonstrations, the role of AI ASICs and RISC-V, and trends shaping the future of AI-cloud integration for enhanced performance and scalability.


Vipul Shah, Head of Product, Krutrim

Raguraman Barathalwar, Head of Systems and Software Engineering, Krutrim

Sambi Sahu, Head of Silicon Design, Krutrim

Srikanth Vidapanakal, Director of Autonomous Driving & Robotics, Ola

4) Navigating India’s future: Autonomous technology trends

Dive into the driving trends in autonomous systems. Explore India's roadmap for next-gen mapping technology, location APIs, sensor fusion, adaptive cruise control, and warning systems.


Prasad Kavuri, Head of Ola Maps

Ravi Jain, Head of Strategy, Krutrim

Srikanth Vidapanakal, Director of Autonomous Driving & Robotics, Ola

Himanshu Garg, Research Engineer, Autonomous Driving & Robotics, Ola

Vibrant Indian developer community

Meet and interact with over 1000 developers and tech talent from a wide array of organisations, including Google, Wells Fargo, Salesforce, Walmart, Accenture, Amazon, WeWork, HDFC Bank, Navi, KreitBee, Quantiphi, KPMG, Robert Bosch, Shadowfax, Meesho, JioSaavn, Zeta, Visa, Perfios, Dell, Palo Alto Networks, and more.

Date: May 4, 2024 (Saturday)

Venue: Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield

Timings: 10 am onwards

For the full agenda, please visit the DevSparks 2024 website.

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