This Hyderabad startup is helping students perform better in exams


Started as an edutech startup and based out of T-Hub, Hyderabad, Egnify employs deep learning, Machine Learning and data science to make a keen analysis of the performance of students. Based on this report, the startup gets to describe where the students need to improve upon, along with a detailed breakdown of their marks. A calculated assessment of strengths and weaknesses is made along with a performance evaluation is made of teachers.

Supposing a student scored 60 marks out of 100, Egnify fills the space to assess and conclude how and why the student was not able to make those 40 marks and on which topics they should focus more. Kiran Babu, founder of Egnify in a chat with The News Minute said,

"If you can get analytics into education and develop a feedback loop, it can go a long way in engaging students and helping them understand what exactly they need to focus on."

From 2015, almost upto 400 group schools have been approached and have collaborated with Egnify. It now offers its services to 3,28,000 students across 28 cities in four states. A Dubai-based investor invested Rs 1.6 crore in the startup recently and Kiran is hopeful of using this money to delve deep into different issues in the education sector. Egnify offers different models to schools and based on their requirement they can choose whatever model they want. Speaking with Telangana Today, Kiran said,

"While there are many education technology startups working in the country, we differentiate ourselves by using the schools as our consumers and not as students. We provide our analysis either through a mobile app, web app, excel reports and even paper-based reports. With such a wide array of products on offer we have been able to serve those institutes which are not well-versed with IT infrastructure."

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