Story of Kalpesh Patel, the boy with polio who built a business with Rs 10 Cr turnover


Kalpesh Patel was only five months old when he lost one of his legs to polio. Bedridden for several months, Kalpesh suffered with prolonged fever as the deadly virus spread into his body. Despite all the efforts, the Surat boy had lost one of his limbs by the time he recovered.

Image Credits - (L) Youtube; (R) Abdul Kalam Fan Club.

Undeterred, Kalpesh fought back in life. Owing to his family's financial situation, Kalpesh couldn't study beyond Class 11, but he never stopped learning in life. He used to support his father in the small family business and started learning the tricks of the trade in the process.

Misfortune struct their family again, as Kalpesh lost his father when he was just 18 years old, reports Abdul Kalam Fan Club. Being the eldest among his siblings, the responsibility of taking care of the family fell on his young shoulders. This also ended his dreams of pursuing higher education.

Kalpesh took over his father's business, and after some market research, ventured into trading diamonds. His clientele grew over time, as he cracked deals with several big jewelery companies from across the country. Today, his company has an annual turnover of Rs 10 crore. He is able to accomplish this with a team of just two people. Kalpesh told The Better India,

We are not into diamond manufacturing and polishing, which requires many more people. Diamond trading requires just one person who delivers the diamonds to the buyers. I study the market, do my research and then finalise when and to whom the diamonds should be sold, and from where they should be purchased.

Not just business, Kalpesh also scores well as a family man. Over the years, he got his sisters married, and supported his younger brother's career. Happily married himself with two children, Kalpesh is an inspiration for many.

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