Get started on Blockchain development - Register for the YourStory Blockchain Developer Meetup

Get started on Blockchain development - Register for the YourStory Blockchain Developer Meetup

Thursday July 19, 2018,

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Blockchain has been around for a while, but it’s only now that the curiosity and interest among businesses about its scope has begun to rise as it sees increased adoption across industries.

The world’s leading diamond company, the DeBeers Group, uses Blockchain to track the import and sale of diamonds to help provide transparency along the entire route, from mines to the customer, assuring customers they are getting what they pay for. Art galleries are using the technology to store Certificates of Authenticity to weed out forgeries. Commercial fishing companies are deploying Blockchain to provide a transparent record of their exact fishing locations to help promote sustainability efforts.

If you’d like to know more about how you can develop solutions using Blockchain, register for the YourStory Blockchain Meetup on July 28 today. Venue: YourStory office in Bengaluru.

These commercial examples illustrate how Blockchain is revolutionising almost every sector today. The advantages it affords users, including companies, governments and developers, has intensified the pace of adoption. Here are some:

  • Settle transactions and close deals automatically
  • Improve data security and applications stored on the platform
  • Enhance operational performance thanks to faster and reliable transactions
  • Reduced overhead costs, especially in accounting
  • Contract and fraud management

One of the biggest advantages Blockchain brings to businesses is its ability to monitor user activity and trace it back to its origins while providing every user visibility into authorised transactions.

Nearly a decade after it making its mark through cryptocurrencies, the increasing scope of its applications, and the advantages it provides, have helped to increase the confidence among business owners and technologists.

From being labelled just another tech fad, Blockchain is now counted among the most disruptive technologies we have today. It is evident that Blockchain is slowly, but definitely, changing the way data is shared, and the way transactions are carried out thus changing the way people do business, making it all safer, faster and more transparent.

Industry reports state that in 2016, financial and technology companies invested $1.4 billion in Blockchain technologies, which included a $200 million investment by IBM in a Blockchain-powered Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It is also observed that an average Blockchain project sees an investment of about $1 million. Today, almost all leading tech companies are making Blockchain a part of their business.

Yet, experts say that the technology is still in its infancy, and that there are gaps that must be addressed. At the same time, they reiterate that the advantages outweigh the gaps, and call for amplification of its usage across industries. That, more than anything else, is one of key reasons why it is time for developers to get started on Blockchain if they haven’t already.

If you are developer looking to kickstart a career in Blockchain or a developer who is keen on expanding your domain knowledge, it’s the ideal time to make a start by tuning into what experts have to say.

It is with this objective that YourStory, is hosting a developer meetup on Blockchain.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Introduction to Blockchain development platforms
  • Expert Sessions
  • Networking Lunch


Raghavendra Deshpande, Developer Advocate in IBM Digital Business Group and more.

It’s time to explore the openness and innovative abilities of Blockchain to build and deploy game-changing applications for your business.

Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: YourStory office in Bengaluru

Register for the meetup today. Limited seats available. 

*Please expect a confirmation email once you register.