How LogMeIn’s Bold360 is using AI to change the customer experience

  • Why now is the right time for AI in customer engagement?
  • How companies can leverage AI?
  • What is the impact companies are seeing by implementing AI?

According to Forrester Research, “customers expect consistent, high-value in-person and digital experiences. They don’t care if building these experiences is hard or requires a complex, multifunction approach from your business. They want immediate value and will go elsewhere if you can’t provide it.” This is the landscape businesses are operating in.

From L to R: Alok Soni, YourStory | Punit Shah, Director, InnoVen Capital | Rahul Sharma, Managing Director - India & SAARC, LogMeIn | Bhavik Vasa, Head - India Operations, EbixCash

This is the age (era) of the customer and as such, companies of all sizes have an opportunity to differentiate themselves by moving beyond the status quo and providing a better customer experience. Technology is helping to lead this charge and and artificial intelligence (AI) is offering these businesses the most effective and scalable option to create an experience that meets customers’ changing demands

LogMeIn, Inc. -- one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies – is helping companies embrace this era with their AI-powered customer engagement platform, Bold360. Bold360 is is the industry’s most tightly integrated AI chatbot and live-agent workspace meaning bots and humans work hand-in-hand to create the best possible outcome for the consumer.

According to a research, 81 percent of customers try to fix a problem themselves before calling a contact centre. AI-powered chatbots are helping the do-it-yourself crowd get the answers they need 24/7 while ensuring that live agents are available to help those customers that really need the human touch. These new advancements are disrupting business workflows similar to how the internet changed the face of businesses in the 90s. Customer experience is emerging as an early success story for AI in businesses due to its textual and repetitive nature.

Let’s examine that further. A typical customer experience workflow includes the following:

  • The modalities to engage with a user proactively or reactively.
  • The mechanisms of getting the interactions to the right agent with the right skills to help this user
  • A collection of resources, applications, and tools to help the agent resolve the underlying issue efficiently

AI isn’t necessarily changing this customer journey, but it is helping to make it smoother and better. For example, a customer service chatbot can help offload repetitive, frequently asked tasks like “where’s my order?” or “what gate is my flight leaving from?”. And as customers continually use these bots, they will get smarter over time knowing which answers were helpful and which required more help from a human counterpart. In addition to the customer-facing bot, AI can also “ASSIST” the agent by serving up answers and recommendations in the backend during an engagement with a customer making them smarter and more efficient.

And this is where Bold360 is helping companies win on customer engagement. By leveraging the power of AI, Bold360 helps personalise and enhance every interaction – no matter where it takes place – allowing companies to deliver better and more consistent customer experiences seamlessly across both AI and agent-based interactions. Bold360 delivers ground-breaking intelligence with out-of-the-box simplicity and helps agents do what they do best – be human. It leverages the best of both bots and agents.

Agents also have easy access to common responses to speed up their interactions and serve more customers effectively. Other business tools such as a CRM or ticketing system can also be integrated into the Web Workspace so agents can work from one, single interface.

Bold360 offers common self-Learning knowledge management across all devices.

According to Forrester Research, CX Leaders outperformed CX Laggards by 80 percentage points. LogMeIn’s Bold360 is delivering better CX across use-cases and industries to create more efficient and consistent customer outcomes. Examples of successful implementation:

  1. Large Indian MNC Bank – More than two-thirds reduction in ticket volumes. Both mobile and website traffic witnessed a reduction in chat volume and an increase in automated answer rates (more than 90 percent) and successful self-service rates
  2. Large Indian private telecom provider - Live chat volumes drop halved and customer interaction almost tripled
  3. Large Indonesian logistics and digital payments provider - Significant reduction in tickets volume and chatbot interactions enabling scale and growth of experience across all business lines
  4. Large American active wear manufacturer - Both conversion rate and NPS increased significantly

Saba Karim, SME Business Head, LogMeIn, says,

“It’s about taking digital engagement to the next level, by letting humans assist at what they’re best at (attentive, empathetic), and bots do what they’re best at - deal with mundane tasks, leveraging their accuracy, predictability, scalability and 24x7 presence.”


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