Indian American Neil Chatterjee to head US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Indian American Neil Chatterjee to head US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Saturday October 27, 2018,

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Indian American Lawyer Neil Chatterjee replaces Kevin McIntyre as the new chairman of the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, announces the White House.

Recently, the Trump administration appointed Indian American lawyer Neil Chatterjee as the chairman of its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). He will now be heading the country’s most prominent agency responsible for multi-billion-dollar projects.

For instance, FERC is solely responsible for monitoring electricity markets and regulating its rates. Further, it also approves applications for infrastructure projects and plays a prominent role in cybersecurity, defence, and policymaking.

Neil Chatterjee
Neil Chatterjee, source Day after India

Chatterjee has formerly served as one of the three FERC commissioners, and has replaced outgoing Chairman Kevin McIntyre, who resigned on October 22 due to health issues, reports Outlook India.

In an official statement, Chatterjee said, “It is with a heavy heart that I step into this role while my friend and colleague, Kevin McIntyre, focusses on what's most important: his recovery and his family."

He added,

Although this is a difficult period for the Commission, I want to assure my fellow Commissioners, staff within the building and stakeholders outside it, that it's my full intention to build upon Kevin's hard work. But above all, I look forward to the day when my friend is back at full capacity.

After presiding as FERC’s Chairman from August to December 2017, this is Chatterjee's second term. He was previously credited with the role of Energy Policy Advisor to US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. During this term, he played an integral role in passing major legislation in energy, highway and farm.

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Chatterjee graduated from St Lawrence University and the University of Cincinnati College of Law. His parents moved to the US from Kolkata 50 years ago, reports FirstPost.

Chatterjee is joining the bandwagon of several other Indian-Americans holding prominent posts in the Trump administration. In October itself, it nominated Indian American Rita Baranwal for the post of Assistant Secretary of Energy at the Department of Energy.

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