AI will be a game changer in healthcare, prevention of deaths due to road accidents, say experts at Bengaluru Tech Summit


The advances made with artificial intelligence is now being implemented as solutions to solve various real-life challenges like accident prevention and access to healthcare.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as the one of the key technology which is going to dramatically impact every aspect of human civilisation and it could potentially be a game changer in critical areas such healthcare and prevention of deaths due to road accidents.

Elaborating on the advances made through AI at the 21st Bengaluru Tech Summit, the flagship technology event of the Karnataka government, Ajay Sharma, Director - Strategic Business, Intel, said, “AI is completely changing the decision making framework of human beings.”

Addressing the session on the topic 'Artificial Intelligence Positively Affecting People’s Lives', Ajay said, earlier, machines were crunching data while human beings made decisions but the advent of AI is changing the paradigm. Today, machines are able to almost independently take decisions.

Ajay Sharma, Director - Strategic Business, Intel

The Intel executive said experiments using AI technology have already shown that it can reduce the number of accidents on the roads. In London, for example, Intel’s Mobileye platform based on AI installed on the buses showed that the number of accidents reduced by over 29 percent.

In India, road fatalities account for around five lakh deaths every year, which amounts to 17 for every one hour. Here 93 percent of the deaths are largely due to human error.

According to Ajay, Intel is partnering with governments to collect data to understand the traffic patterns so that spots can be identified which are accident prone and preventive measures can be taken before hand.

Similarly, Intel believes there is an opportunity to leverage AI for use cases like the healthcare (104) helpline earlier than others as lots of enablers for technology are ready or getting ready, and maybe there can be something like this in next 5 years.

“We want to create a national AI innovation platform where there will be all the foundation building blocks,” he said.

At the session, Raj Cherubal, CEO, Chennai Smart City Limited, highlighted the need to incorporate technology to improve the civic amenities like road, water, power in all the urban centres.


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